Dorico 5.0.10 Problems in printing

Task: I have 26 flows for 4 instruments in one project.
I want a printout of flow 26 from instrument 1,2,3,4 each.

So I select Instrument 1 - 4 in print mode on the left side, and on the right side I select Flow 26 and press print.

ONLY instruments 2 - 4 are printed.

So in a second operation I select Instrument 1 on the left alone and select Flow 26 again on the right.


So I select Instrument 1 again on the left and press print ON THE LEFT SIDE. Since I don’t want to print all 26 flows, but only the last one, I look at the page number in Write Mode, here 33, and enter it in the printer window. Here I can then check in “Preview” that the correct voice and the correct page are printed and give the print command.

Question: Isn’t there a simpler way?

(P.S. I had a similar problem in Dorico 4.3)

Are you certain that all four layouts contain this flow?

All four instruments have layouts.
(Screen shot).
When I tried again, instrument 1 was not printed again.
In another project created in Dorico 4.3, I also tried to print a single flow for all 4 instruments.
HOWEVER, the print button on the right hand side was labelled PRINT AND EXPORT. However, nothing was printed. After a while, one instrument (of the four selected) was on the desk as a PDF.

The same procedure in a tentatively different project did not produce the same but also undesirable results.

Would you share the file? Maybe with empty other flows (since the music of that flow is already here on the screen…)

Thank you, Marc! I send you the whole project (since the rights are time-barred…).

Choral OB 035 - 056.dorico (1.8 MB)

Allow me to ask two more questions:

  1. Is there a way to open the printer driver window in single flow printing? Sometimes I only want to print in black or need a different paper feed. This is only possible with the print button on the left.

  2. is there a way to fix the Rastral pro Flow? People with poor eyesight are happy to have large notes. But the set rastral always applies to the whole project. For short pieces, a larger rastral would be desirable.

I highlghted on the left all 4 Instruments
on my Computer all 4 instruments of flow 26 are printed out
on the printer and also as a pdf
“die helle Sonne…”

SORRY. that was Nr 26 Flow 24!!

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its confusing…
Having a look at dorico.
Here Page 33 is in Flow #14

What do you mean?

if I go in Setup-Mode (bottom panel) to flow 26
there are no notes at all

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I have selected four instruments on the left side again as you said and as you I used the
above file. It prints only AS TS TU, no trumpet.

There is one note. But that’s not the problem.

I’m not sure whats goi’ng on there but it should be solved.
Just a proposal.
Go in setup mode an Choose flow # 26 on the bottom panel.
give in some notes where they are missing.
On my PC ’ tuba’ doesn’t show any notes
to be sure Flow 26 is the flow at the end??

The flow that’s called 73 shown in the picture above is clearly flow #28
Maybe that’s the problem?

Dear Marc, the big number is the number of the “Orgelbuch”. The flow number does not match! It’s for my orientation and is actually not intended as a publication. The flow title has nothing to do with printer behaviour. The flow number in the print directory for the selection is not affected.

sometimes you hit (unwanted) some keys and an invisible sign is in the flow
that messes all up.
Maybe you could duplicate the flow before flow # 26
delete all the notes and put in the notes and text from #26
that could maybe help
than you delete that weird flow #26 and all should be fine.
The way I used to do if something strange is going on.
Its not worth to spend too much time on a problem like this.

Sorry, I cannot replicate this behaviour. Any selection that I make from your file prints correctly.

No you don’t. You have 28 flows. This is confusing us all.

If all 4 instruments are selected when you make this range choice, it will choose page 33 for every instrument layout - but your Tenor layout does not have 33 pages! IT’s better to select specific flows rather than pages if you are selecting multiple instruments.

If you choose… to print a particular flow, you might need to clear any previous selection (first select none - then select the flow you want).

Lastly, once you have set your print range, you can select each of the instruments individually and scroll through the preview to see exactly what will be printed/exported. You can still reselect them all to print them in one go.

Hope this helps.

What we’re all saying is that this last flow is #28 (that’s what Setup mode says). So if you’re trying to print it, try with 28 instead of 26. That’s all I’m saying :person_shrugging: