Dorico 5.1 crashing when trying to open the print tab

I’m having trouble with one Dorico file. (I tried other files and they seem to work well).
Dorico crashes when trying to go to the Print tab. I also tried exporting Flows and some flows appear only partially. help!

I’m sorry to hear about this. Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and upload the resulting zip file here, so we can see what might be going on?

Yup! I’m having the same problem here too. Dorico 5.1 crashes when I click on the Print buttom. It happens every time I try to Print - it crashes, and shuts down the program… I did start a chat with support today and sent off the zip file from the Create Diagnostic Report. Since I see someone else is having the same problem, I’m thinking this is a bug in the update. Please fix ASAP! I hope I hear back tomorrow about how to fix this problem. Too bad you can’t export a PDF file while doing a save as. Since the Print function is not functioning, I can’t print, or export PDF files. Very frustrating.
iMac Pro: Ventura 13.6.1

You will probably get a faster response from the Dorico Team if you post the diagnostic report here.

Welcome to the forum, Eric. I expect the diagnostics you’ve sent to our support team will eventually find their way to me, but if you attach them here, I’ll be pleased to take a look at them right away.

Okay. Here is the zip file.
Dorico (611.4 KB)

Not sure why it keeps crashing Dorico whenever I click on Print. I hope that helps.


Hi Derek,

I did send the file in the forum, but here it is again this morning.

Thanks for reaching out.


Dorico (611 KB)

Hi Daniel,

I did create a new dummy flow, and had no problem printing it. So, it looks like that what is crashing Dorico is my particular file.

That particular file has 12 flows in it. Basically, it’s a songbook of 12 solo piano compositions that I’m publishing. That particular file is what creating the crash. If I create a new file, using a standard flow, it prints with no problem. I rather not send my file in the forum. Can you write to me in a email
at, and I’ll send you the file in question.
It’s like 61 pages long.


Thanks, Eric. I was about to suggest that you send me the project, since the crash log does indeed suggest something funny happening about the selection of flows you have got set to print. I’ll drop you an email.