Dorico 5 acting strangly (almost freeze)

Sorry to bother you guys with performance issue shortly before the next update, but this has become unworkable here.

I opened a piece of mine and saved it under a new file name. Selected all and everything, and deleted it so I could start from scratch.
I started putting in the first player (this is about 250 bars, wind band with about 25 players), and every now and then Dorico almost freezes for about 30-45 seconds, but not only Dorico: the whole PC becomes completely instable. (Meaning that even if I somehow manage to minimize the Dorico window, everything else is also more or less not responding.) This state resolves itself after about a 45 seconds going back to normal.

First I thought this could have something to do with with the creation of automatic backups, but I have configured them to happen every 5 minutes, and this is happening way more often than that. Disabling automatic backups alltogether brought no change. (Just right now I went back to Dorico after letting it sit for a while and writing these lines here, put in a few notes, and it happened again.)

Mind you, I am just putting in the very first player, so I’m looking at a completely empty score with only Flute 1 having notes. Condensing is disabled everywhere. I even rtestarted the PC and closed everything else that was running in the background…

I’m using Noteperformer.

Please find a Diagnostics Report attached. It was created during (or probably shortly after) such a freeze.
Dorico (351.6 KB)

Thanks, everybody!

Could Dorico be holding old information in an Undo log? Would closing and restarting the program help?

That was what I had hoped when I closed Dorico and restarted the PC, but to no avail.

If stuff outside of Dorico is freezing, then I’d say that the problem is outside Dorico too.

Even if you’re not using them in the project, do have loads of VSTs?
Could it be a Windows ASIO audio problem?

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After my PC now shut down and restarted, I will try this. I just switched Dorico to use my Focusrite, I’ll keep you posted.

(And thanks for all those ideas, this really is the best support and community forum I’ve ever used online.)

Thanks, Ben, switching to another audio driver (Focusrite USB) did the trick.

I have not the slightest idea though what might have caused the problem today. I use the same setup 95% of the time and I regularly have the same apps running at the same time as Dorico. Is there a full moon coming up, maybe? :wink:

Well… The problem is back now with Dorico 5.1.
It happens when I use my Focusrite USB driver, it happens with the new built-in ASIO driver.
It happens with my MIDI keyboard attached, it happens when it’s disconnected.
It happens with some other applications open, it happens when Dorico is the first and only thing I start.

Please find a Diagnostics Report attached; it was created after Dorico froze and the PC went down and restarted by itself:
Dorico (589.5 KB)
I hope it might give people in the know a clue about what might be going on here, because Dorico is at this point prette non-functional for me.

Thanks everybody (again)! :slight_smile:

Hi @Estigy , thanks for the data, but just from the audio engine logs I can’t tell what is going on there. Maybe also @dspreadbury could take a look from Dorico side.
My advice is, download the free utility Process Explorer from this webpage.
Then when Dorico becomes unresponsive, do a right click on the unresponsive process and choose Create dump > Create mini dump and post the corresponding dmp file(s) here. Hopefully that will bring us further.

Thanks Ulf for spending your 23rd of December doing customer support!
I will see what I can do (or what my system lets me do) when it happens again.

Merry Christmas to you!


You are welcome, no problem for me.

And wishing you and all other customers a very merry Christmas as well. :santa:


Hi, Ulf!

It just happened again and this time I managed to create such a mini dump.
I’ll send you a message with a link to the file, as it’s larger than the forums here probably allow.