Dorico 5 AirPods Pro Max

Loving Dorico 5, but it has broken wireless sound output to my AirPods Pro Max. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Are you using an aggregate device to use your air pods pro?

I recently had someone with the same problem in Dorico 4. We could not find out yet why that happens, but a workaround was to create under the Audio MIDI Setup utility a new aggregate device in which you only let the AirPods output ports participate (an not the built-in microphone). That aggregate device then also will appear in Dorico under Edit > Device Setup in the list of ASIO drivers. With that it does work.


I don’t hear any audio in my AirPods Pro when I play a Project in Dorico 5 using my AirPods…
I restarted my Mac but to no avail…
I opened the same project in Dorico 4 and can receive an audio signal, so there must be some bug with Dorico 5 and AirPods.
Can anybody else confirm this?

With dorico 4 at least in my situation you have to connect AirPods first (make sure dorico is not running) then open dorico…
This is not working in dorico 5 but I will try your solution thanks

I have this problem with lots of applications not liking AirPods on my Mac, and so I have a virtual audio driver called “AirPods proxy” that I use for this purpose.

Thanks It worked like a charm.

Yes, that exactly what I’m experiencing.

Hi @Martin_Taylor , does the workaround with the aggregated device work with you?

Just tried it…Yes it does. Thank you for the help.

That is what I have always been using with my airpods pro 2 and it works beautifully.

Remember to close all other audio related apps except Dorico, which is the final solution after I tried @Ulf 's workaround.