Dorico 5 already causing problems

Some might call this user error, but I was late for work this morning because I was compelled to watch all the announcement and feature videos for Dorico 5. Also apparently, my boss does not consider “your little music program” a valid excuse for tardiness, new version or not. This all seems to me to be undesired behavior if not a bug. Surely there must be some sort of mitigations the team could take a look at.

excavates tongue from cheek

In all seriousness, super excited about scrubbing. Can’t wait to see how late for work actually using Dorico makes me. And fwiw, the above story is actually half true :sweat_smile:


Dear boss
Please excuse SnakeEyes021 from being late this morning. This was due to him attending an important training session.
Yours sincerely
The parents of SnakeEyes021 / people who care about him