Dorico 5 Audio Engine died

Hi All,
I have installed Dorico 5

It can have 2 behaviour:

  1. not starting up at all and hanging wait for audio engine initialization–> audio engine died → programm crashes with Dorico
  2. starting up but cannot play and when going to configure → no audio engine programm will be closed.

What can I do? The crashreport is 128MB so cannot be uploaded here max 4 Mb.
But I sent the reports to Steinberg via Dorico.

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Have you tried killing the audio engine process in the Windows Task Manager and re-launching Dorico?

This one here? No not working. It is only shown during startup. Not after the crash.

It may appear down the bottom of the list of Background Processes.

Yo can post a link via a cloud service (Dropbox etc…)

the ones Dorico asks to send after restart are anonymised, so better to create one via the Help Menu.

Hi @Alain82 ,

when you click on the ‘Send to Steinberg’ button, the crash reports enter our database, but in an anonymized way, that I can’t trace it back to the sender.

As already has been mentioned, you could provide us the 128MB diagnostics via Drop Box or WeTransfer or other similar service.
I assume that the Crashes folder is full with dump files and for that reason the whole archive is so big. But you can also break it down into smaller chunks that you could send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. You can send me e-mails with attachments of at least 10MB. Also, if the Crashes folder is so big, simply sort out older files and only send me the most recent ones. Thanks

Thank you Ulf,
here is the Dorico Diagnostics File

Best regards,


Dear Ulf,
Dear All,
Thank you for your support so far.
I got it to work! The reason was the VoiceMeeter, that I use for 5.1.
Interestingly, Cubase and other software have no issue with it I can switch it. It seems that it was chosen as standard audio out and created the crash.
I had to deactivate it to switch it to the ASIO audio interface.

Now it is working. But when activating again, Dorico crahses again.
So a fix would be nice or initial dialog to chose the audio interface and safe the settings during next start up. I need the VoiceMeeter so deactivating always when starting Dorico is not that convenient.

Best regards,


Hi Alain,
thanks for the data. I’m currently not at my Windows machine, so I can’t load in the 3 contained VSTAudioEngine dumps, but I will do latest tomorrow morning. So a little patience please, thank you.

I also have VoiceMeeter, but so far had never serious problems with it, but I will also try that out.

Stay tuned.

I had a quick look now, two audio engine dumps are because of a heap corruption deep down in the audio processing code and another one a crash in the license engine library. I will hand those issue on to my expert and hope that they can come up with something. Keep fingers crossed.
But I don’t forget about VoiceMeeter either and will try that as well.

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Hi Alain,
I’ve tried now with VoiceMeeter here on my Win machine and that works fine.
Do you have a special recipe, that makes it crash. Can you make it crash again and send me the corresponding crash file? Thanks

Dear Ulf,
thank you for your fast reply and testing.
I just restarted this morning started up, with Voicemeeter.
All went well and MOTU audio interface was standard.
But here is the crash report from yesterday after switching on again.

I do not have any special recipe. All installed from scratch. Dorico completely new.
Also restarted previously several times and also deinstalled and installed again.

Best regards,

Thanks a lot. There are now 9 dump files contained. Can you please tell me which of them is the most recent one? After unzipping they all come up with the same modification date.

Must be this one

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And with which audio driver in (Dorico) do you use the system. The VoiceMeter Virtual ASIO or the Steinberg Built-In ASIO driver?

If you use the Steinberg Built-in ASIO then it is worth updating to the latest version, which you can get from this thread

Dear Ulf,
thank you. I updated the Steinberg Built-in ASIO dll.
I use directly the ASIO from my Audio Interface Motu (see picture in message 7 here).
Worked now the second day without any start up problem or crash.
Seems stable now.

Just to recap:

  1. Installed Dorico then had serveral crashes. No Win11 restart solved the problem. No sound playing, when sporadically started up without crash, in the settings there was shown the VoiceMeeter as standard output, when tried to change to Motu or other interface, Dorico crashes (freezed).
  2. Disabling VoiceMeeter in Audio created sucessfull startup of Dorico and Audio out on my Motu interface. But when closing and opening Dorico with switched on VoiceMeter → crashes again.
  3. After restart next day, started withouth crash with Windows selected VoiceMeter as standard and Motu audio was standard audio inteface in Dorico.
  4. Updating Steinberg Built-in ASIO dll and starting up with VoiceMeeter as standard in Windows, Dorico is working with Motu audio interface selected as standard in Program. No Crash anymore.

Best regards,

Hi Alain, just to ask explicitly again, your case is thereby solved now, correct?

Hi, I have a similar problem. Dorico 5 wouldn’t even start on my new laptop after installation. It does start on my other two machines.
The message I get: “Dorico can’t connect to the audio engine. The application will now quit.”

Welcome to the forum, Itai. Sorry to hear you’re having problems getting Dorico up and running on your computer. When it exits like this, it should automatically create a file Dorico on your desktop. Can you please attach it here?

@Itai_Sobol , welcome.

As someone new, you may need to know this to post here successfully.