Dorico 5 bug: Key Command for toggling scrub doesn't take effect

Hi Dorico,

Just wanted to report this bug.

I set up a key-command for “ToggleScrubPlayback” and it doesn’t appear to have any effect at all. I use this to toggle playback with a MonogramCC controller.

The shortcut also does not show up in the “Play” menu next to the “Scrub Playback” menu item…

I tried setting a MIDI shortcut in case it was a keyboard problem but that also does not work.

The option-space shortcut to temporarily enter/exit scrub mode works well and I enjoy using that!

Dorico 5.0/ macos 13.4 (22F66)

At the moment, that command only works in Play mode, which isn’t a lot of use! We’ll change this in a forthcoming update.