Dorico 5 changes note values


Dorico has a head of its own:

  1. When I input a note e.g. a half very often it writes 2 quarters. Same with a dotted note. It writes a quarter and an 1/8th instead of a quarter dot. It is correct, but I want it the way I write it.

  2. I save the file additionally to the automatic save. It saves correctly the music file, but when I return later, the notes of one bar are changed. The overall contour is roughly the same, but totally different notes and I have to correct them manually.


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Welcome @dl1sdz ,

You should explore Notation Options>Note Grouping to see if there is a setting that suits your needs. If not, then you can always insist that Dorico uses your chosen notation by using force duration when you enter the note. (There are literally hundreds of forum threads on this topic - explore them and discover why Dorico behaves this way. It really does make sense!)

This is unexpected. Upload a file that exhibits the problem and someone should be able to tell you what’s going on.

IMO, this is simply the way Dorico works. You can change it, as Janus said, but Dorico automatically groups the notes based on the grouping of the meter.

Ok, this is really strange. Can you post the file here?

Additionally, the dotted quarter may change back to that notation if you add an eighth note after it (it’s waiting to see the context). It took me a while to learn not to immediately go back and renotate, but to wait and see how the whole passage ended up.


Thank you for your help.

It helped a lot :wink: And I will send a file with the changed bar.


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it happened again, that Dorico changed the note values.

In Bar 12 the Flute changed suddenly from quarter notes to eight notes and rest.
This is how I have written it before:
Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-29 um 22.13.06


My guess is that you had the bar selected and (inadvertently) pressed 5, probably because you were next going to enter some quavers.