Dorico 5 crashing on Mac Studio

After watching the new video of features, it seems like a great update, pretty consistent with previous feature-rich updates. I am excited to get into it. I had one disappointment, and that is global beam thickness is still not available in engraving options. However, I am sure I am probably underestimating what it will take to implement this feature, so I’ll be patient.

I am actually having trouble with Dorico 5 crashing on my Mac Studio, so that’s a more pressing issue for me. On install, I kept receiving errors from the Steinberg Library Manger saying “Move … some long directory… failed!”

Moving this to a separate thread so we can figure out what’s up… Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file here so we can take a look at the crash logs?

Regarding global beam thickness, it is trickier than it might seem because Dorico (I think uniquely among notation software) already adjusts the thickness of the beam dynamically according to its angle to ensure that it is always drawn at the same effective thickness, and we have to be careful not to upset this or any of the other subtleties in beam spacing, snapping and positioning when we add features like this.

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At last, thank you for that explanation. It makes complete sense – it’s enough to have this ability on a “beam by beam” basis!

Yes, I will definitely Create Diagnostic Report. Do I need to do this immediately after a crash, or can I just reopen the app and do it now? I also took a screenshot of one of the errors on install – I think I received about 16 of them, all similar, but relating to specific files. Not sure if they are related.

Also, the first crash happened when I tried to change the background color of the modes. For my preferences, I prefer a single color, but that option is not working in my Dorico 5. When I select the single color, it only changes the first stop in the gradient.

Dorico (191.9 KB)

You probably know this, but for the benefit of users who might not: if you want to change the thickness of all beams, you can select all notes easily by selecting one note in each staff and using “select more,“ and then set the property in the panel at the bottom. The only drawback is that it’s best done at the end, but it’s relatively easy to incorporate into the workflow.

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Actually, I did not know that method. I usually do a “select all” and then filter. Thanks for the tip!

Those crashes unfortunately are deep in the Qt framework that Dorico relies upon. I’ll ask my colleagues whether they have any ideas about what you might do about that. I’ll come back to you.

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With respect to the Steinberg Library Manager errors, one thing you could try is to open the Steinberg Library Manager app, press “Remove” in the existing listing for “HALion Symphonic Orchestra”, and then reinstall it from SDA. That may end up redownloading the files though!


I’m doing a clean-up and re-install of everything right now.

Daniel, I think the crashes were a result of something on my system. After a clean-up of the files and reinstall, I got no errors, and the app seems to be running just fine. Thanks for looking into it. I’ll let you know if things change.

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OK, great – keep me posted if it changes.

Hi Daniel, I just got the new release of Dorico 5 but I have the same problem of the application crashing when opening old files (in fact not at all old because they where made with the last Dorico 4) and I got the same errors in the libraries other are witnessing right now.
Moreover, when I installed Dorico 5 I have problems also with Dorico 4 for it “freezes” while sound initializating. I just made a software (mac) update and erased both 4 and 5 versions, now I re-installed 5 but it crashes anyways…

I cannot use either Dorico 4 nor 5, I’m in big trouble because of many deadlines to respect…

You should still be able to use Dorico 4. I suspect the problem you had with Dorico 4 before was when switching between versions - the audio engine takes a while to quit after Dorico itself has shut down (around 10 seconds, often), and if you start one version of Dorico while the audio engine from a different version is running, then it won’t work.

Also, as a temporary workaround, you should be able to use old (v4) scores in v5 if you set them to use the “Silence” playback configuration in v4 first. That should avoid the crash described elsewhere.

Thank you Richard, unfortunately not, I waited now several minutes and ruined Dorico 4 again but it blocks at “engine initialisation” I don’t know how to solve this…

Is there an audio engine process still running (if you look in Task Manager it will look like this):


If so can you kill it?

I bought Dorico yesterday. Works well in Windows, but in Mac it complains that the SE contents are not installed (as far as I know they are), but I don’t use them so I ignore.
Then I create a track, work for maybe a few minutes with an external MIDI Keyboard plugged in and it crashes every single time. I literally cannot use it (M1, Ventura).

Can you create a diagnostic report (from Help > Create Diagnostic Report) and post it here?

Hi, Richard. There is a lot of information there that could be considered private… any secure way to send it to you guys?

You can email it to me at r dot lanyon at steinberg dot de