Dorico 5-Dont play audio yet?

It’s a pity that already being in version 5 Dorico is still not able to play an audio track. it plays a teack of video with audio but cannot play only a stereo audio track. In my head I can’t understand how something so simple and so necessary is not on the priority list

In your head, I assume everything is pixies and rainbows and unicorns, and implementing complex software features is as simple as just wishing for it :smiley:

Unfortunately, in the real world, implementing audio track support is tricky. It is something we definitely want to support in future, but it requires that we bring some or all of the disk streaming technology from Cubase into our audio engine, and this is a major engineering effort that will require not only our own team to work on it, but also the audio engine team.


OK, I’ll answer without feelings. at no point do I expect a multitrack, just the possibility of playing an audio track, as all the others without exception do.
Thanks the reply

This is definitely a feature we want to add in future, as I’ve said. I’m sorry that we have disappointed you that this is not included in this release, but we will definitely implement it in a future version of Dorico.