Dorico 5: Grace notes not playing at beginning of flow

After switching to Dorico Pro 5 the grace notes I have starting a flow no longer playback.
I’ve done the adjustment in the Playback Options pre-roll before flow settings but the notes are still skipped.
Any ideas as to why this is happening? What am I missing?

Score pdf sample:
Screen Shot 2023-06-28 at 3.15.48 PM

Playback Options setting:

Let me know what else I might provide.
Thank you.

You may want to post a Diagnostic Report initiated from the Help menu which will leave a zip file on your desktop.

After some experimenting, I found that I could get the grace notes to play using the following procedure.
Note: I’m on a Mac, so if you’re on Windows the cmd- keypress will probably be ctrl- .

With the “Pre-roll before flow” set to as little as 1.0 sec. :
(You might find that you have to change the value, Apply, and then change the value again)

cmd-D - this de-selects anything which was selected (or you can use Edit > Select None)

period (might need to be the key on the numeric keypad) - this moves the playhead back to the start of the flow,

P - play

If the normal period key does not move the playhead back to the start of the flow and/or you don’t have a numeric keypad, you can create a keyboard command (see pic.).

I certainly find that in general grace notes at the start of the flow still play back fine in Dorico 5. If you have a project in which you find that not to be the case, please share it here.

Same problem here: The Grace-Notes in Bass-Clarinet are not played. It’s the beginning of a new flow.

But have you set a pre-roll>0 in the Playback options> Timing?

I’m not sure if this is related (and perhaps not!), but in my case no articulation at all that starts as the first note in any Flow and is also offset in Expression Maps will be triggered - “Natural” will play back instead.

If I insert an empty bar, then the playhead seems to be able to catch the offset correctly and send the switch. So that’s what I’ve been doing. The pre-roll settings are at default values.

OK, here’s the diagnostics report and sample of my project file:
Dorico (1.2 MB)

Mini-Suite for Violin Solo #1v16 D5 Sample.dorico (2.8 MB)

The sample project does the same start, skipping the grace notes.
I tried what SteveJones01 suggested, with no positive result.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Using the sample project you supplied, I deleted the grace notes and re-entered them. Then I followed the steps I gave in my earlier post, including changing the pre-roll value (up, Apply, down, Apply). The grace notes played.

Edited Sample.dorico (2.8 MB)

Edit: When I had quit Dorico and then re-opened the Edited Sample.dorico project, I had to do the change pre-roll value bit before the grace notes would play.

The problem is that the grace notes all have playback offsets applied. Select them, and choose Play > Reset Playback Overrides. They will then play back as expected.

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Yes, I did, the grace-notes are played when in suite with the one before but not if I play the flow from it’s beginning without the first flow.[quote=“MarcLarcher, post:6, topic:856634, full:true”]
But have you set a pre-roll>0 in the Playback options> Timing?

Thank you Daniel; your approach fixed the problem.
Thank you.

I made a different work around for a flow that starts with grace notes. I make the first measure one beat bigger then it really is, for example:
select the first measure, type Shift+M and fill in: 5/4,6 The first measure has now 6 beats instead of 5.
When I already have filled in the first measure with notes, I shift them a quarter note to the right, after that I hide the first quarter rest. When I start playing with
shift + alt + space bar, the grace notes are played. The same I do when a flow starts with an arpeggio.

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I found the same. After restarting a project with a pre-roll setting > 0 this setting is seen in the settings, but it doesn’t work anymore. You have to make a little change in the pre-roll setting, press apply and then the pre-roll is functioning again.