Dorico 5 Hangs up

Richard-Thanks for the quick response. I installed it from SDA, so I presume that everything was downloaded and installed.


Thanks for the diagnostics – there are lots of audio engine crashes there, which I will send to @Ulf for him to take a look at.

Hi @JazzMarc , the audio engine crashes look weird, in a place I’ve never seen crashes before. I need to get in touch with other engineers and will come back tomorrow.

Daniel and Ulf-
Thank you very much. Let me know if you need anything else from me.

I purchased Dorico 5 today. Each time I try to setup Audio engine, death of beach ball appears, and I need to force quit Dorico 5. The default engine is setup with built in audio with my MBP. I use RME audio interface, and can not do anything meaningful with current status. no sounds comes through. Crashed dozen of time already.


Perhaps this thread from 18 hours ago will help.
Have you updated your RME driver in the past 48 hours?

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I updated RME driver at the beginning of May. The audio engine in Dorico preference can be changed from Builtin to RME only before I import any project to Dorico5. If I import a project, and open the audio engine change window, beachball of death appears. Reproducible each time. Before importing a project, I can change the audioengine to RME UFX+ and set the bit depth and buffer. It does not have any test tone to validate the audio engine change. That would be nice to have.

After changing the audio engine, then I import a project. I tried the cold play in the “recent” selection. Then, I click the play button. Nothing happens. The green line appears at the first note, then it does not move. A few seconds later a red triangle appears at the bottom or right corner saying connecting to audio engine failed.

Very frustrated. Doing this and that to fix this last 2 hours with no luck!

The Babyface RME driver update is dated May 23rd.

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Dan, I hope @yvawoo pays better attention to what you said than he or she did to what I said.

I use RME UFX+ not Babyface. Newest driver came in early May.

I have had a similar problem to yours. After I uploaded Dorico 5 and got it to successfully open, upon the launch it seemed to freeze. Any work I opened just sat there and wouldn’t play. I deleted all of the VST information via the task manager and thought that would work and re-loaded it but now it won’t play. It just sits there! Hope we can solve this problem soon.

I saw someone deleting all Steinberg library info and re-installing Dorico5. I did it and now the app does not open. I hangs while initializing audio engine and says “Err Retrieving RSS feed:205”. I have been spending last 4 hours changing many things. re-installing my audio drivers and restarting my computer numerous times. Hope I can fix this soon.

Hi @yvawoo , sorry to hear about your struggling.
In order to help you we first need some data from your computer.
Please do the same as I described in another thread and post your diagnostics to a reply here. Thank you

Hi @wlarsen ,
if you are on Mac, then please do the same as what I just asked user yvawoo to do.
If you are on Windows, please do the same as I described in this posting and post the corresponding zip file to a reply here. Thank you

Dorico 5 looks great! Congrats to the team!

I’ve been experiencing crashes, however, when trying to start a VST. Here are steps to reproduce in a basic form along with a diagnostics report:

  1. Start Dorico 5
  2. From hub, create new solo piano project
  3. Click Play mode button
  4. Click VST and MIDI tab
  5. Add VST instrument - HALion Sonic
  6. In VST, select YamahaS90ES Piano on channel 1
  7. Back in Dorico, click Track Inspector tab
  8. Select HALion Sonic from dropdown menu for piano track → VST window closes, piano channel is added to mixer in lower zone
  9. Click Write mode button → hangs

Dorico (2.5 MB)

This might be the same issue as here, but not sure.


Hi Eggsalad,
I can confirm, the stack trace of the audio engine crash looks exactly like the one from user JazzMarc in the forum thread you already mentioned.

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I downloaded file and in the terminal executed the script, then put the file in the terminal, then this is the messabel.

You do not have permission to open the document “”.

What should I do?

I created diagnostics file from help>create diagnostic report from Dorico menu. The file is 7.6 mb and cannot be uploaded here. Is there any other way I can send it to you?

You can e-mail it to Ulf (his email is given in some threads here) or put the file into a Dropbox-like site and post the link to it here.

After spending two days endless reinstalling drivers, Dorico apps, all of a sudden Dorico 5 started to work without crashing. What I did was: I reinstalled RME DK driver, actually dozen of times, and restored Mac OS security setup back to normal in system mode, from reduced security. In Audio Midi setup, I found duplicate RME UFX+ device, and removed one that seemed inactive. In midi setup from Dorico 5, all midi devices that I do not use for note input were disabled. I restarted the computer like many times I already did. Then, all of a sudden, it fixed the problem. I am now learning Dorico 5 happily.

Thank you everyone for the help!