Audio engine crash opening a second project after closing first, related to RME Babyface driver

In Dorico 5, I’ve discovered a clear pattern leading to the audio engine crashing in the following circumstance

  1. open any project in Dorico 5
  2. close the project but do not exit Dorico
  3. open another project or even reopen the same one. Before the audio engine has initialised, most of the time, I will get the dialog below.


After research, it is clear the VST audio driver is crashing Dorico as if I switch from my RME Babyface driver (the latest) to a generic driver such as FlexASIO, the problem goes away. However, it’s not a satisfactory solution to use an inferior performance generic driver when my RME driver works perfectly well in Dorico 4 where this problem has never been seen. I must simply close Dorico completely and reopen

It would be helpful if people, especially (but not exclusively) any with RME audio interfaces, could see if this can be replicated following the simple steps above. I should point out that if the initial project is kept open and a second project is then opened, the behaviour does not occur. The first project must be closed.

I get exactly the same thing. Also running RME BF Pro

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I just updated my RME drivers and device flash.

Can no longer repro this problem.

ah! there’s brand new driver out! I didn’t actually re-check for the Dorico 5 release as I happened to look just a few days previously anyway. In that case, of course I’ll try this (and the flash) right away and get back-- perhaps indeed RME have solved the issue.

it’s looking good – no crashes after trying for a few minutes to force one. Looks like RME have indeed fixed something.

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Did macOS users experience this as well?

Dorico 5 crashes each time I open a project and try to play it. I use RME UFX+ with most recent driver (May 2023 driver). Changing audio device after project is open also crashes Dorico. After clicking the play button, red triangle appears stating that audio device connection failed.

As I commented in your other thread, the RME driver update is listed as May 23rd. Worth checking that.

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RME has many products. I use RME UFX+ the thunderbolt one. It does not have May 23 driver unfortunately. Its latest driver is published on 5/15th this year. I use numerous VSTs, logic, ableton, sibelius, many arturia, UVI and NI products with not issues on my MBP M1 Max.

Never had this much of problem after installing a software. I am not sure if it is RME problem. When I choose builtin speakers, the same response happens. “Error connecting to audio engine” is the message when I click the red triangle. I cannot close a project. It just hangs with beachball.

What about checking for updated flash firmware? That was the other step I did which resolved this.

My RME UFX+ flash firmware is 111. Most up to date. My interface is fine. Working perfectly with no issue with numerous other audio apps including sibelius, logic, albeton live, all NI plug-ins and stand alones, opus and play by Eastwest, many arturia products, ferrofish interface, UVI, genelec, TEC, etc. I use lots of software. This is first time an app has so much crashing issue and cannot keep open more than couple of clicks. Quite dramatic indeed.

Try running Activity Monitor and ensuring that both Dorico and the VST Audio Engine processes are definitively closed down before you try running Dorico again.