DORICO 5 Live Stage and Live space

I’m working on a piece that uses the Concert Orchestra template plus a few instruments, all from Vienna Synchron Library, yet when I open Live stage all I get is a Piano right in the middle, not all the instruments nicely positioned like in Anthony Hues examples in his “Stage and Space templates” | Dorico 5 video.
Also, I wonder, can one change instrument position in the middle of a score?

You can’t change an instrument’s pan or reverb in the middle of a piece, I’m afraid, at least not without moving the instrument in the Live Stage window or by interacting with the controls in the Mixer directly during playback.

Many sound libraries these days are recorded in situ, so the sounds are already placed in the stereo image appropriately according to where in the hall the instruments were situated. The Live Stage shows the pan position as specified in the Mixer, rather than trying to approximate where the instrument sounds like it’s coming from.

You can nevertheless enable stage templates for in situ libraries if you like, by enabling the checkbox in the top (by default, collapsed) section of the Library > Expression Maps dialog for each of the expression maps you’re using in your project.

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I see a checkbox already ticked.

In the mixer I noticed no instruments where panned, so I panned them according to a typical orchestra, but this is not reflected in the nice LIVE STAGE.

You need to expand the top Expression Map Data section to find the right checkbox.

I apologize, I’m pathetic when it comes to technical things. Now I don’t understand why HSO comes up when I am using Vienna Intruments in this score.
Thank you for answering so quickly, perhaps you should refer me to a video on this. By the way Merry Christmas.

You can click the little filter button circled below to show only the expression maps that are in use in the project:

The HSO expression maps are shown because they’re part of the default factory set of expression maps.

Yes I see! Is it the Apply Stage Templete Setting box I must tick, for all instrument sections?
Yes ! It works!!!
How fun!!
Maybe later you can help me with the live space.
Thank you, this feels like a Christmas present.

I use the Synchron Prime playback template and assign the Prime instruments to use the Stage Template (as per Daniel) in the Expression map. Gives me nice panning and spacing to start with; I then simply drag the instruments within the Stage Template anywhere I want them if need be. It’s a great feature in Dorico🙂

Absolutely, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I noticed that percussion instruments I’m using in this score (Bass Drum, Side Drum, Clash Cymbal) do not appear in the Live Stage, probably it’s something to do with my ignorance of percussion and percussion mapping in DORICO.
Also, perhaps something to do with instruments not in the original Expression Map, because a Bass Guitar I have in the score, is not in the Live Stage either.

You will also need to go and make a corresponding change in the percussion map used by each of those instruments, in Library > Percussion Maps.

Perfect, Thank you.