Dorico 5: Live stage and percussion mapped endpoints

Can Dorico personnel please confirm that instruments with percussion mapped endpoints are not intended to show up in the Live Stage interface?

If I want to position my bass drum, for example, then I must go into the endpoint and remove the Percussion Map setting:



Fortunately, my bass drum positioning seems to remain intact after I restore its percussion map setting.

If you want your percussion instruments to appear in the Live Stage, you can edit the relevant percussion map and enable the option in there to allow space and stage templates to take effect for those instruments.


Thank you, Daniel! How silly of me not to check for the setting in the Percussion Map interface.

May I say, by the way, that after painstakingly editing ALL of my Spitfire VST palettes for no panning, close microphones, and -6dB volume across the board, as well as numerous sample-specific modifications (all of this took a few hours), I am already noticing a marked improvement in the sound separation of my playback using the Live Stage and Live Space features. To a degree, the opulence of the sound has improved as well, and I’ve only just begun tweaking values.

Thanks so much for these production enhancements! :+1:

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FWIW, I’ve just changed that setting in the Spitfire Percussion percussion maps I built some years ago. It’s now officially a v.2.0 :wink:

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Out of curiosity, Marc, how dry have you made your samples? After close-miking everything and spatially setting up my instruments, I’ve started to restore (partially) the wetness of the sound on some of them, percussion in particular. I just HAD to reapply the tree mikes to the timpani, bass drum, et al., even on Dorico’s “church” Live Space setting.

Also, I’m still using the Solid G EQ on everything; I don’t know whether there are some settings in Dorico that I should be using instead, but some of the stuff in Kontakt is just so good for establishing baseline clarity of sound. How flat are your sounds pre-Dorico?

Well… You’re right, I should tweak the Kontakt part of that — I admit I don’t enjoy Kontakt, so I simply checked that option in the percussion maps :sweat_smile::person_shrugging:
I should probably go back to this when time allows!

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Haha! I totally understand, man. The last couple of updates to it have been really great for performance and efficiency, but using Kontakt is still a chore. Changing mikes on instrument banks is often a horrible experience, though I’m not sure how much of that is Kontakt and how much is Spitfire’s engineers. That’s in addition to Kontakt being a generally overwhelming application in the first place.

I love Spitfire’s libraries, though. Expensive but worth every penny! NotePerformer 4 doesn’t support Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra, I’m curious to know what that combination would sound like.

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