Dorico 5 Midi editor issues

I’m having issues with Dorico 5, especially in the midi editor.
Some graphical elements remains stuck, and many other bugs. Reset playback overrides doesn’t work.
I’m using Ventura on a MacBook Pro with M1 pro.
dorico midi editor issues

Yes, there’s a problem with the mouse handling in the new version of Qt upon which Dorico is built that is affecting a number of macOS users. We’re on the tail of it, working with the Qt support team, but we don’t as yet have a fix for it. If you’re using a trackpad with your Mac, and you use the “tap to click” setting, try disabling this as it may help in the short term.

Thank you Daniel,
I have tap to click disabled already, I’ll wait for an update.
Also, if I record something I can’t reset playback overrides for some reason.

When you say that you can’t reset playback overrides, what is happening when you try it?

Nothing, the playback remains the same.
Maybe it’s just one project, I’ll try with another one

Actually the problem was I wasn’t selecting all the notes and it’s related to the mouse issue.
The function “Reset playback overrides” works fine.

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