Dorico 5 mouse editing

mouse editing is great, a big step, thank you
other features I’d like:

  • it seems impossible to drag notes from a piano staff to the other one, it would be useful,
  • for all left-handed users, on windows it would be comfortable to use AltGr or another key on the right side instead of Alt
  • use mouse to change from natural to #/b
    thanks again!
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You should be able to drag from one staff of the piano to the other by moving a little way horizontally so that Dorico knows you want to do a rhythmic drag rather than a pitch drag, then move to the other staff.

Congratulations on Dorico 5! Another big step forward! I am very happy with the new version!
Mouse editing is my favorite new feature in Dorico 5! The lack of this feature was one of the last reasons why I still often do compositional sketches with Logic.
But I hope that the function will be further developed. Important for me is:

  • Chromatic dragging (perhaps with a modifier key): i.e. shifting to all other 11 pitches and keeping the original intervals
  • Diatonic dragging with acceptance of chromatic steps
    Now (in c major) e, f, f#, g dragged to f results in f, g, g, a.
    chromatic dragging would result in f, g flat, g, a flat
    Diatonic dragging with acceptance of chromatic steps would result in f, g, g#, a

Further wishes:

  • Horizontal and vertical dragging at the same time (simple and easy to control in Logic!)
  • At low zoom it is difficult to see how far you have moved the notes vertically or horizontally. A small pop-up window indicating the interval or note value that has been moved would be very helpful.
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it works! thank you

please consider left-handed :grinning:

When the fragment would be moved to D, what would you then expect—D, E, E#, F? Too many edge cases to consider.

The existing key commands for all the things you’ve asked for are much faster than mousing.