Dorico 5 multiple rehearsal tracks with space/stage templates?


I am wondering if the following would now be automateable with the new space/stage templates.

Example with SATB choir, but this could also be with 8 part choral pieces.

Per voice I would like to export rehearsal tracks where:

  • (part track) the specific voice is isolated on the right and the rest is on the left.
  • (without part track) everything is spread out in choral position, except the specific voice is not present
  • (part only track) only specific voice present
    This all with including the click track in the exported mp3

I was actually digging into Logic to build a mixing template that I can reuse (and export the midi from Dorico), but I was wondering if with these new features it would be possible to automate/improve rehearsal track creation from Dorico.

On a side note: how are other people generating (choral) rehearsal files per instrument/part?

Thanks in advance,

Jeroen Janssen

You can’t automate it fully, but you could certainly design different stage templates that would move the instruments to different positions in the space, and apply them between audio exports.

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