Dorico 5 not recognising some vst 3 plugins

Dorico 5 doesn’t seem to recognise some vst3 plugins. I was trying to load the Plugin Alliance ADPTR Metric AB vst3 in Dorico 5 Insert Effects, However, the plugin doesn’t figure in the list of vst 3 under the “Insert Effects” slots. I tried resetting/ clearing the audio engine cache but no avail, can someone guide me how to make the plugin visible?

If you’re running an Apple silicon-powered Mac, perhaps the plug-in is not yet Universal, and will only appear when you run Dorico in Rosetta mode?

Thank you Daniel, I am on Apple Silicon Mac, shall try on Rosetta mode

I have the same issue but not on my Silicon Mac - that works fine. On my Mac mini (Sonoma 14.1.1) several vst3 plugins are not visible in Dorico 5 Inserts in the mixer. For example, ALL of the Steinberg plugins, normally included under the Steinberg folder therein, are missing.

Hi @honjr , would you please load a project and then choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here?
Thanks a lot

Thanks Ulf! Here is the report:

Dorico (1.7 MB)

For this project, I imported a project from my silicon Mac into this Mac mini (for which latter the diagnostics report was created). I did this to be able to access three specific plugins on the mini that do not show up on the mini’s drop down effects listing within the mixer:

  1. Steinberg’s Frequency
  2. Relab’s VSR REV6000
  3. TDR’s Nova

On my silicon Mac, Steinberg, Relab, and TDR all show up as “folder” options (the name of the VST author) within the mixer list. None show up on the mini’s mixer. HOWEVER, both (2) and (3), but not (1), are listed in the plugins available on the mini (Preferences => VST plug-ins). I just don’t know how to access them without moving a .cpr from the silicon to the mini. Finally, (1) and (3) worked initially, and (2) did not, again despite being listed.

Just now, after creating this report, I reinstalled (2) and lo and behold, the developer’s name and this plugin now appear, but the other plugin from the same developer did not appear in the mixer, although it was listed in Preferences VST-plugins. So I reinstalled the other plugin, and now it appears as well - both under the same developer. However, the same did not occur for (3) - it only shows up in Pref VST-Plugins - and of course, no effects plugins from Steinberg show up anywhere in the mixer drop down menus. This is quite contrary to how this same .cpr works on my silicon, on which every known plugin shows up along with its developer.

There are a whole bunch of other Steinberg (and likely other developer’s) plugins that of course do not show up in the mini’s mixer. I’d like to be able to access them because they are rather good!

Perhaps something got corrupted on my mini. Prior to creating this report, I had re-downloaded the Dorico 5 Elements Application Installer (plus Halion and Iconica) through the Steinberg DA, and rebooted the mini, all to no apparent effect.

Again, thank you for looking into this.


.dorico, not .cpr

Hi @honjr ,
well, from my perspective it looks completely different. Frequency is recognized by Dorico and is loading (according to the logs). TDR Nova as well.
REV6000, true, it’s not recognized. And there are also others: NotePerformer is blacklisted with you, because it has an issue (don’t know yet what exactly) and also other plug-ins are missing, but can’t tell the names of them.
This just as a first reaction, will come back tomorrow, I’m on the run…


of course it looks different to you from the log. The only reason that I was able to see and use Frequency and TDR Nova in the workspace whose log I sent you is because I pre-loaded these plugins into the workspace mixer created on my silicon Mac (computer #1), which works perfectly, and moved the workspace with pre-loaded mixer plugins, over to my mini (computer #2).

BEFORE I did that move across computers, computer #2 recognized NO Dorico/Steinberg plugin effects in the mixer drop down windows or in the Pref =>VST Plugins, and recognized TDR Nova ONLY in the pref=>VST Plugins. AFTER that move across computers, the only reason I was able to load those plugins on computer #2 was because they were already pre-loaded on computer #1’s mixer. If I had not preloaded them on my silicon Mac (computer #1), I would have had no way to load them into any workspace on the mini (computer #2). So any workspace that I try to create solely on the mini will NOT be able to load the plethora of Steinberg plugins, or TDR Nova, or likely others. The main issue here is that, since the mixer of computer #2 is not seeing the Steinberg, TDR Nova, and likely other plugins, I have no way (as far as I can see) to load them unless I preload them on the silicon Mac first, save the .dorico, and then access that .dorico from my non-silicon Mac.

My computer #2 DID recognize REV6000, but not from any drop-down menu on the mixer - only in pref=>vst plug-ins was it seen. As I mentioned, only after I reinstalled REV6000 today on the mini did REV6000 appear on the drop-down menu in the mini’s mixer.

A separate and new diagnostics report for a workspace created on my Mac mini (not on my silicon Mac) is below here. Note that NO Steinberg effects plugins or TDR Nova can be accessed from the mixer - I’m not sure though that that report alone would allow one to see what the mixer does and does not see. The plugins are “recognized” and not “blacklisted,” but how can I even use them in the mixer or anywhere else if I can’t see them anywhere in the mixer? On my silicon Mac, I can access all of them. Note that this report below, which I just generated, shows that REV6000 is recognized. It is also accessible from the mixer now - as mentioned in the earlier post today, this accessibility is due to the fact that I reinstalled REV6000 this morning. I also reinstalled TDR Nova, but again, that did not solve the issue of not being able to access Nova from the mixer on computer#2, just as I can’t for all Steinberg plugins (with the exception of REVerence which usually comes pre-loaded onto the Reverb bus).

Many thanks again Ulf for looking into this!

Dorico (1.7 MB)

Screenshot showing Mixer and lack of Steinberg and TDR plugins:

Thanks for the diagnostics and the screenshot. Then I see several issues:

  1. Steinberg and TDR plug-ins not in the pop-up menu: This must be a graphical issue, because the audio engine reports all Steinberg and TDR plugs to Dorico. Maybe there is a limit on number of items in the first menu level or something else in Qt which prevents them to show up. Here I’m calling out to @dspreadbury
  2. The diagnostics contain quite a few crash reports of Dorico’s audio engine where several plug-ins are bringing us down. They are: TDR Nova, NUGEN ISL2, Pianoteq 8, VSR S24 and DynamicTiltEQ, with each only 1 incident. And 15 incidents with HOFA IQ-Reverb.
  3. NotePerformer blacklisted for unknown reason and therefore can not be used in Dorico

It might not be immediately obvious, but you can scroll the menu that pops up for effects in the Mixer by clicking and dragging it up and down.

Click-and-drag solved it.

Noteperformer issue solved by a reinstall. HOFA IQ-reverb may just be a bit unstable but I’ll try reinstalling that too. The other plugin crashes generally do not create issues for me.

Many thanks for your help!

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