Dorico 5 + NotePerformer: Space Templates?

I wonder: Will the Magic that Dorico does for space templates work together with NotePerformer? As I understand it, NotePerformer takes in a lot of inputs and only has a single stereo output per instance, so can Dorico do its new Magic with this limited number of returns from NP?

No: NP does its own spatial mixing before handing the stereo channel back to Dorico.

Dorico can only mix multiple channels down.

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Anthony Hughes’ video describes some improvements in the “musicality” of the playback. I’m wondering if you need to not use NotePerformer in order to take advantage of those as well as the space templates.

Yeah, there are quite a number of features where I wonder if they will work well in combination with NP.

Yes, if you use NP, then the Space templates and Pitch Contour Emphasis will be turned off. I dare say NP does it’s own Pitch Contour Emphasis as part of its phrasing magic.

However, if you use, say, Pianoteq, or Garritan Pipe Organs, or something else alongside NP, then it may be possible to contrive a mix that sounds like they’re all playing in the same room.

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