Dorico 5 Playback Not Working

When I run Dorico I get the error message “An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found. Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant and install the following: HALion Sonic SE 3 - Content”. On my project I have also not be able to hear any sound through the playback. Within the HALion Sonic 7 Menu it seems to not detect the Halion Sound Selection - Content that I downloaded through the download assistant. I’ve have tried restarting my computer, redownloading the files and nothing seems to work. Any help?

Welcome to the forum @Raymarcusho .

Please run the Steinberg Library Manager (gets installed along with Dorico).
That one will list all the contents packages that got installed. For each item click on the Details button and check the installation path. Is it same for each package? Is it pointing into your downloads folder (that would be bad).
Also, start up Dorico, create a new project from piano template, enter some arbitrary notes and then do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. The corresponding zip file please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

Hi Ulf
Thanks for the response. I have checked the Library Manager and all the paths are the same going through ProgramData and Steinberg. Ive sent the diagnostic report as well. Thanks in advance

Hi Marcus, from the logs it looks good for most of the parts, but you have only very few contents installed. Dorico resp. the VST Audioe Engine can only find these frew packages:
2024-06-02 23:23:25 : FCP_SMT_012_Dorico.vstsound
2024-06-02 23:23:25 : Indian_Drum_Basics.vstsound
2024-06-02 23:23:25 : FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_01.vstsound
2024-06-02 23:23:25 : PAT_SMT_100_Content_Set.vstsound

But all the HALion Contents is missing. What does the Library Manager say, are there also just that few packages listed? If so, then please invoke the Steinberg Download Assistant, look for the Dorico section and download at least the HALion Sonic Contents pack and let it install after the download.
After that please do the same test again like before, i.e. start a new project with piano. The sound should come out from the device
“6 - AG275FS (AMD High Defini 1”
If that is unexpected or not wanted, go to the menu Edit > Device Setup and change the ASIO driver.

Hi Ulf. Here are screenshots from the Library Manager. I already had the sound selection downloaded .

The location seems to be the same as the indian drum basics which is the only sound working so I’m not sure.

Thanks for the screenshots. So the HALion contents are at the correct location, well, then it must be file access rights, where the problem is.
Please go with the File Explorer to that location, and compare the file’s security properties between the Indian Drums and the HALion Sonic vstsound files.