Dorico 5 pro doesn't show up

I’m new to Dorico. I tried the Dorico 5 SE and i recived a 4 month trial of Dorico 5 Pro from a contest. When istalled it from the download manager and opened again Dorico 5 it continue to show me Dorico 5 SE and not the Pro version. Any suggestion? Thanks.

Welcome to the forum @Filippo_Noti !

Have you added your Dorico Pro licence to the Steinberg Activation Manager? This is what determines the version of Dorico that runs – it’s the same application, just using a different licence, so you don’t need to re-install the application when you change licences.

Hello, thank you for the answer. I’ve added the promotional code and istalled all the necessary to open Dorico 5 Pro. I tried in another PC without Dorico 5 SE istalled and it worked properly. Any other suggestion? Maybe if there’s any method to unistall only the SE version it could help?
Thank you

Make sure you aren’t holding down any keys on the keyboard as you start up Dorico, as that allows Dorico to run as other versions?

no it doesen’t change the version.

Can you deactivate your version of SE?

i don’t know, i’m trying to delete or deactivate SE

Since SE is the same file as Pro and Elements (only the license unlocks the various versions hidden within), deleting SE would be counerproductive.

Hi @Filippo_Noti ,
your problem is licensing.
Just like others here already tried to explain, there is only executable file that runs as Dorico SE, Dorico Elements or Dorico Pro and it is only the license that you hold which decides which derivate Dorico will start up to.
So please have a look at the Steinberg Activation Manager and see what Dorico license(s) you have activated.