Dorico 5 SE : Halion mandatory?


Can I run Dorico 5 SE without Halion Sonic 7 and Halion Content SE 3? I know nothing about the Halion thing and I don’t know why I should use it. I would prefer to stay with my usual VST plugins for now. Is that configuration possible?


HALion Sonic is a recommended component, but no, it is not necessary. You can leave it uninstalled and then Dorico will come up with an alert warning about a missing component,
but you can simply ignore that alert, or even tick the option ‘Don’t show again’.


[…] or even tick the option ‘Don’t show again’.

I do not have this option.


Oh, maybe that is because there is a component (instrument) missing and not just contents files. Maybe you could ask @dspreadbury for a feature request, that we show that option under any circumstance.

Indeed I get a Dorico window with a warning:

" An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found. This component is installed by the Dorico application installer. Please quit Dorico, run the Steinberg Download Assistant and reinstall the Dorico application installer "

Under this window I have another window when I can see:

" Missing content: FCPSMT005ReverenceImpulseLibrary01.vstsound "

Now from there, I have to say that it is an Offline Dorico installation and I have carefully followed all the steps stated online on the Steinberg website. Also it is impossible that I can use the Steinberg Download Assistant because for security reasons the machine is totally disconnected from any network.

That first alert message is probably a little too severe. “An essential component” refers to e.g. HALion Sonic. But in the end it is not so essential, because Dorico will also run without it.
On the other hand, for most Dorico customer it really is essential since otherwise they would not get any playback at all. So as I say, with this alert message also the “Dont show again” option should be shown.

The other alert message about missing content on the other hand is way more critical.
If you start a new project in Dorico also effect send bus and channel get created by default
and in the first insert slot of the send channel a reverb effect will get inserted, namely REVerence from the Steinberg plug-in set. Reference is a high quality, acoustic modelling effect plug-in. It therefore needs the impulse responses from real rooms and concert halls. That is what is found in the mentioned vstsound file and is missing on your machine. I can send you the files and you put them directly in, if you are using REVerence frequently. If you not going to ever try or use Reverence, then you can also ignore that error message.

Indeed I saw this reverb effect plugin when I loaded a demo song with a window reporting a problem. It turns out that the file FCPSMT005ReverenceImpulseLibrary01.vstsound is part of the Halion Sonic 7.0.10 Installer.

The message output is correct if this “essential component” is indeed the FCPSMT005ReverenceImpulseLibrary01 vstsound but in this case why is it not by default integrated in Dorico 5 SE software since the reverb effect plugin belongs to Dorico 5 SE.

Now I better understand the meaning of recommended.

I´m quite sure that that file is not only part of one installer but of many, also of Dorico. And if you install it several times via different products, subsequent installation will simply get ignored.
So do you have the file in the meantime or shall I send it to you?

I´m quite sure that that file is not only part of one installer

And you are totally right. It is also part of Dorico 5 SE installer but the file has not been installed.

So do you have the file in the meantime

Yes, I have the file, thanks.


I have just installed Dorico 5 Pro on my M1 Mac but I don’t want to use Halion Sonic, nor REVerence plugin.
As soon as I start the program, the same dialogs discussed in this thread pop up telling “An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found” and “Missing content: FCPSMT005ReverenceImpulseLibrary01.vstsound”.
I have only installed Steinberg Activation Manager and Dorico Pro 5 Application by downloading the installers from Steinberg Downloads page.
I have ticked the REVerence option during the installation process but the error dialog keeps popping up (I have not installed Steinberg Library Manager nor Steinberg MediaBay because I am not interested into using Halion Sonic libraries).
Is there a way to tell Dorico to not use REVerence and to disable/ignore it?

Thanks in advance

Can you check that the file FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_01.vstsound is located at /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound? It should have been installed by the Dorico application installer itself.

That folder is effectively empty :frowning:
What I need to do to have that file?

Can you check that the folder is writeable by all users on your computer, and then run the Dorico 5 installer again?

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Thanks @dspreadbury by changing folder permissions the installer has added three files there and Dorico didn’t prompt for missing .vstsound files anymore.

Is there a way to prevent Dorico to automatically create a “Reverb” mixer channel with REVerence plugin on it and avoid the automatically inserted “Compressor” plugin on the “Output” mix channel?

Yes, you can set up your own space template. See this earlier thread:

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