Dorico 5, selections not appearing in Key Editor

Can anyone explain why some selections in Write Mode do not appear in the Key Editor? Also, could you explain why some selections in the Key Editor do not highlight? This seemed to be working fine up until a few days ago.

In the attached video, you can see that:

  1. Selected cello notes in Write Mode do not display orange in the Key Editor.
  2. Selecting cello notes in the Key Editor does not display orange in the Key Editor.
    Selecting bass notes in the Key Editor works as expected.
    Thank you for your insights! (2.3 MB)

You don’t show the whole of the Key Editor, so I can’t say for sure, but is it possible that you have only the double bass voice selected in the voice selector on the Key Editor toolbar?

@dspreadbury Thank you so much for your insights!!

I am attaching a screenshot as well as a .mov file. Until now, I did not understand that the key editor toolbar would create separate ‘instrument’ selections for Violin I as well as Violin I Staff (a) + Violin Staff (b). Is this because I have ‘Independent Voice Playback’ selected for all tracks in the Play editor?

And most importantly, is there a key command to select all 14 instruments in the ‘View Multiple Instruments’ submenu?

I often use the key editor to view harmonies graphically and edit note durations. This is one of the features of Dorico that made me thrilled to have left Sibelius! : )

Dorico Screen (3.5 MB)

Yes! That’s the reason!

@MarcLarcher Thank you for your insight! I just started using “Independent Voice Playback” and did not realize that it would impact the display of the Key Editor.

Do you know if there an expedient way to select all instruments in the Key Editor “View Multiple Voices” panel?


Is the following feature described in the Dorico 5 manual still accurate? (The attached sequence of screens using “Lock Key Editor to Selection” does not really work when “Independent Voice Playback” is engaged.)

You can assign key commands for the following commands on the Key Commands page in Preferences:

  • Lock Key Editor to Selection automatically shows in the Key Editor the instruments on whose staves you have selected notes/items in the music area, and locks the Key Editor to that selection.
  • Toggle Key Editor Locked View locks/unlocks the Key Editor.

[Showing instruments in the Key Editor]