Dorico 5: Steinbergmediabay server quit unexpectedly + Crash upon saving

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having several issues with Dorico 5 on Ventura. I upgraded due to the fact that Dorico 4 was crashing often when saving. Having read this issue was fixed in 5, I upgraded although this issue persists (issue #1)

Furthermore, a new issue has cropped up as I often see a popup which states: “Steinberg mediabayserver quit unexpectedly”. I’m then unable to use the playback functions. (issue #2)

Due to the fact that the program crashes and refuses to open, stuck on “Waiting for audio engine initialisation.” I can’t even open it to do a diagnostic right when it happens. (issue #3) I’ve just done it now and will attach it here.

I imagine this is a bit of an information dump, I’m just not sure how to go about this. Thanks as always for any help.

Dorico (718.6 KB)

Just crashed upon saving again. I killed the VST Audio Engine in order to open it again (any way to not have to do this moving forward?) and created a diagnostic report. Hope it can clear things up. I’ll be honest, I now feel anxious/on high alert every time I open up Dorico now, I’m feeling it’s become quite unreliable, though perhaps there is something I am doing wrong.

Thanks again.

Dorico (1.1 MB)

It looks to me, Alex, as if Dorico is hanging rather than crashing – there are no crash logs in the diagnostics reports you’ve uploaded. However, Dorico is only looking for crash logs for itself and its audio engine, so if MediaBay is crashing and generating logs, our diagnostic report won’t pick them up.

There was recently a MediaBay update: try running Steinberg Download Assistant to see if it wants to install a MediaBay update. I’d also recommend updating HALion Sonic to version 7.0.20, which was recently updated too.

Hopefully these updates will resolve the problem on your system, but please let us know if you find that not to be the case.