Dorico 5 templates

Where do templates live in D5? And how can you edit them?

What kind of templates? Page Templates? Playback Templates? Document Templates?

Are you talking about Dorico Pro? Mac or PC ?

Sorry … yes, Dorico Pro 5 on Mac (OS 13.3.1).

I’ve created a few templates: (Document templates I think)
Where are they stored on my computer? And I assume if I want to revise/update one of them, I just open it (from the File menu as in the picture), make changes, and overwrite the existing template, yes?


And I think my question has been answered. Thanks!

I don’t see the answer anywhere…
It’s stored in a folder in~/Library /Application support /Steinberg /Dorico 5/ probably named File templates (or smth similar)

Sorry - someone else answered it. But thanks for the directory path to the templates on the computer.