Dorico 5 unusable - ! HALion Sonic!

I updated to Dorico 5. When I load a session from 4.5 it works okay. BUT if I add a new instrument, I can’t hear it.

If I create a new file in Dorico 5, I can’t hear anything. When I look in Play at the Routing, there are only two options 01 Dorico Beep and 02 !! HALion Sonic !!. There’s no way to load sounds. At the moment it’s unusable.

How can this be fixed? This is so frustrating.

Hi @turfboon , welcome to the forum.

Please read this knowledgebase article

Hi Ulf

Thanks for your reply. That has solved some of the problem, but there is an additional problem - the dynamics are completely inconsistent now. I open a file which had previously worked fine and balanced in Dorico 4.5, now in 5, many of the instruments are inconsistently brutally loud or completely inaudible, despite being marked p.

Can you maybe post here an example project which exposes that kind of behaviour? You just need to zip the project before attaching, otherwise it will get refused. Thanks

I’ve posted two files here. The ISS 42 one was one I was working on previously. The dynamics are all over the place - when I play it at maximum volume on my computer I can only hear some of the instruments very faintly. The other file is a new one I just created - I can’t hear anything, and the !! HALion !! problem is back and I can’t pick any other option. I’d appreciate if you could tell me when you’ve downloaded the files so they can be deleted. Thanks!

Thanks for the project. I will have a look/listen tomorrow morning (in about 9 hours)

Hi @turfboon , thanks for the project files.

First the ISS, I can load that one and it is true, the volume is really low, even if one pulls up all faders in the mixer.
Since sound comes out when playing, I consider it as working, but that is just my perspective, the perspective of the audio engine.
So I forwarded it to Daniel to get his perspective. Let’s wait.

The Mars project, well, that one at least opens with a HALion Sonic 7 instance, but all slots are empty. But when I reapply the playback template, the flute does get loaded and it plays back. What if you also reapply the playback template?

In your ISS 42 Drone Mars24.dorico file, you have set all of the instruments to use the CC11 Dynamics expression map, which isn’t the best choice, since I don’t believe the patches you’ve got loaded in HALion Sonic respond to CC11 for dynamics. If you want to use the HALion Sonic Selection patches rather than the higher-quality Iconica Sketch or HALion Symphonic Orchestra patches, you might want to create a new expression map that uses CC7 channel volume, and assign that instead.

However, in the first instance, I would suggest you try re-applying one of the default playback templates, which will load (what Dorico considers to be) the best sound for each instrument, and assign the most appropriate expression map automatically. This should ensure not only that you hear dynamics as expected, but also that any additional techniques you specify, such as pizzicato and mute, will be played back too.

Thanks for your message. When I was trying to fix the problem, CC11 was loaded on some of the tracks (which seemed to be working) so I switched the others to that option.

You suggest “re-applying one of the default playback templates” - how do I do this? I have now switched each track’s ex. map to “default” - is this what you mean?

Lastly, I am still getting these error messages re HALion Sonic - how do I fix this?


Re-applying the playback template should solve all of these problems at a stroke. From the Play menu, choose Playback Template, then select one of the playback templates listed there, e.g. one of the ones with Iconica Sketch in the name (if shown), then click Apply and Close.

Thanks for your message!

I’m not sure what you mean by “when I reapply the playback template, the flute does get loaded and it plays back”. When I toggle to Play, you can see from the screenshot I just get the 02 - !! HALion Sonic !! indication and when I click on the “e” nothing happens?

Hi, I mean, if you do from the Dorico menu Play > Playback Template and there choose your usual playback template and click on Apply, does it then work?

Play>Playback Templates…

You will see a list of available templates. The ones with a factory icon are Doricos’ defaults.
(Note: I think you would need to override the synth patch that gets loaded automatically)


Dorico is still unusable.

If I open a file I created in Dorico 4.3, it works fine. When I look at Play>Playback Templates, it’s set for HSO, Halion Sonic Sel., Olympus and works fine. If I then switch to Play view, I can see the routing the HALion is fine, as in the image.

However, if I then make a new file in Dorico 5, even when I switch Play>Playback Templates to HSO, Halion Sonic Sel., Olympus, it still doesn’t work. If I go to Play view and look at routing, there is an error.

I don’t know what to do. Dorico 5 remains unusable, and only files created in earlier versions will play.

Did you ever (re-)download the HALion files from the Dorico 5 installer?

Hi @turfboon , did you already follow the link to the knowledgebase article that I posted in my first reply in this thread here.