Dorico 5 wishlist

I think all these suggestions have merit. However, the area that needs to greatest overhaul in my opinion is the layout tab. As good as it is, it can be made far more user friendly with the addition of the following.

  1. Guide lines when dragging frames around to indicate centre of the page, alignment with other objects etc. Think keynote/pages interface.
  2. The ability to copy and paste existing frames.
  3. Ability to automatically change staff size to fit music to a page easily.
  4. Format painter to easily copy font/size from frame to frame.
  5. Addition of tables, geometric shapes, arrows etc for worksheet creation.

I’m sure as soon as I post I’ll think of more layout improvements, but these would be a great start.


I imagine this suggestion has been made before, but it would be handy if the Dorico team could provide a better platform for people to suggest and discuss feature wishlists. Lots of excellent suggestions are made, but it’s difficult to keep track of them on discussion boards, and particularly to know if others have already made similar suggestions. Would be nice if such a platform had some sort of “voting” mechanism too. I recognize that product development isn’t a democratic process, but presumably it’s useful input to the team to know which requests are particularly desirable.

This has been requested and rejected by the development team in the past. I cannot find a post about it right now by Daniel, but they keep an internal list and he rejected a voting system.
From what I remember, the argument was that they follow an internal development plan and adjust it according to user feedback.
They don’t intent to open this up because the general public doesn’t know about the internal plans. But they (evidently) take every feedback very seriously and are reading every post on this forum.


Fermatas and Breath Marks adjustable playback - Having this function in the Properties panel will make our job easier. Currently if we need to recreate the playback of these symbols, we should manually edit the Tempo curve which isn’t the most correct practice.

At this point, add to that “rubato” playback (configurable). This way, the rubato is independent of the tempo parameter. And/or assign a MIDI Learn command or MIDI CC to the tempo parameter so you can record the performance.


Do the ‘sketch’ instruments help? I use them a lot.

Yes the sketch is the same idea, but it is the first idea, but with 4 staves you will ear for exemple: there is too more bass, or i need a note on middle to balance and make a progression behind treble and bass, or again, there is to more treble, i need more bass etc …
With the same sound every where (4 piano part) it is helping really, but if we could earing the réal orchestral sound it will be magic :slight_smile:
And the sketch is for put quikly the idea, on the particella, all the orchestral note are written , ALL !!! on 4 parts. So you can verify the balance of each group separately and together .

As long as you’re prepared to use different voices for each sound (and you can have an unlimited number of voices on each staff) this is already possible via Independent Voice Routing.

you will have the same sound for each voice on the same staff, if we can choose a different midi chanel, or send into a instrument track, all voice in the same staff will have a différente instrument sound …
like a all midi chanel track with a external expander

You’re incorrect. Independent Voice Routing allows you to route each voice on a staff to a different midi channel and a different sound.

Génial !!
Do you know if this solution work with NotePerformer ?

Yes indeed.

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it is the best news of today :slight_smile: i can go and sleep like a child now :slight_smile: Thank you every body


Edit>Paste Special… is powerful.

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Or better yet, set it up as a template yourself. One should not need the Dorico Team to do everything for everyone. They have given resources to accomplish many special wishes for ourselves.


I wouldn’t dislike to be able to create a library of ornament playback models. Add a baroque mordent, and have the library sequence play.

If notes speed could be controlled with a CC, it would also be very realistic playback, since the model wouldn’t repeat always identical. This is something I’ve always desired for trills.



I would like voice names could be edited. Having “Extended Techniques Up” would be easier to locate than something like “Up-Voice V3”.



It’s been a while since the last post on this thread, but I would like to add to some of the other great suggestions, that it would be a great time saver to be able to have more than one midi lane open at the same time in the editor of the Playback window. Now you have to switch back and forth between lanes when you want to edit more than one CC parameter, dynamics, or velocity. DAW’s provide this option, would be really nice if Dorico would support it too.

It’s coming:


@dspreadbury Can’t wait to see the iceberg! That’s brilliant.

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Wow, this is amazing!! Can’t wait for the update to come! And then to read this great addition is only the tip of the iceberg…