Dorico Activation Manager isn't showing my product

So I’ve used Dorico and purchased it 2 years ago and have used dorico 4 ever since it came out. In November I transfered my old macbook pro 2020 to my new macbook pro 2023 and I’ve been using dorico no issue ever since i made a full transfer. And I’ve used dorico no problem since November until Feburary.
My elicenser has my dorico 3.5/4 on it but when i try logging in to my steinberg account there was no way of logging in. I tried recovering my password but to no luck. It says that I never registered an account to begin with which isn’t accurate. I then tried to register a new account and put in my elicenser onto my new steinberg account with the same email as my old and that worked but i haven’t been able to reactivate my license or been able to register dorico 4 onto my steinberg account. I can’t find a way to get a new activation code and I don’t know how to.

I would greatly appreciate and tips and or solutions on how to reactivate my account since I can’t access my old computer since it’s erasure.

Welcome to the forum, @xiaolong.rz .

Dorico 4 does not use the eLicenser; it runs through the Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM) and authorizes via the account you have (had when you started to use Dorico 4).

With luck, @dspreadbury or one of his colleagues will contact you here before too long and (via private messages) you can send him the email addresses you may have used to register with Steinberg so that he can identify which one is associated with your Dorico 4 activation.

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Alright, thank you! I hope to hear from them soon :slight_smile:

Please do send me a private message (click on my little circular avatar, then click the Message button) and include the details of any other or previous email addresses you might have used to register your products, and I’ll see what I can find.

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