Dorico and contemporary notation

After a week with a trial I’m disappointed about the place of the contemporary notation in Dorico.

It’s clear that the time signature’s possibilities is better Dorico than Sibelius but the other things…

Maybe I didn’t pay attention but I didn’t found the symbols of quarter tones, where are them? and can listen to them ?

The variety of headnotes it’s more poor than sibelius.

The palette of symboles is very poor as well.

Are there chance that all that could be more useful?

Thanks in advance.

From the level of responsiveness shown already by the development team, I’m sure capabilities will improve as time passes.

Meanwhile you are only out the cost of the trial software. :wink:

Thanks for your word,

Believe me I would prefer to pay having a soft useful for me… At the moment I can only test but impossible to work seriously (Very strange that at least the quarter tones symbols are not included…)

AlbenBerg !

Hope those picture will help…
Capture d'écran 2016-12-11 13.10.17.png
Capture d'écran 2016-12-11 13.11.12.png

Thanks Alain i

But I can’t hear the quarters tone. I put them on the score (with shift K and type “open”)
I choose 24 EDO but it nothing change. I hear always traditional sharp and flat !

What’s wrong?

I think playback of quarter tones isn’t implemented yet.