Dorico and Cubase

I had endless sound problems with Dorico, and after emails, “diagnostics”, and hours wasted, I was told by a kind member, to get the Steinberg´s audio interface, UR22.
So did, and it improved a lot, and the interface is really cool. So far so good.

BUT there are still problems. I can hardly run Cubase and Dorico at the same time, and have sound on both, being both from Steinberg it is difficult to understand. Mind you, any other App, including Sibelius, Youtube, Media Player, you name it has no issues. I can run them all at the same time. But Cubase and Dorico together? Hardly, only after a workaround, I was explained, that solves the problem only sometimes.
I have a powerful PC with W10 up to date!

My suggestion would be, if Steinberg could fix these issues first, then create a simple PDF, with clear instructions on setting the sound properly on both Cubase and Dorico, when using their Steinberg´s Interface, UR22.
It is so basic, it is astonishing it hasn´t been done before.
If I were them, I would offer a bundle, of the 3 products, once, of course, they can operate properly “together”.
Thanks in advance.

I’ve discussed this with Ulf and Paul to make sure I understand the situation correctly.

Steinberg’s USB audio interfaces in the UR series do not have true multi-client ASIO drivers on Windows, so you cannot use the full ASIO driver in multiple applications at the same time. However, if you set Cubase to use the Steinberg USB ASIO driver and set Dorico to use the Generic Lower-Latency ASIO Driver, choosing the UR’s outputs as the output ports in the GLLAD control panel, then both applications will be able to output through the UR interface at the same time.

We are not aware of any problems or drawbacks to this approach.

Thanks, Daniel
still, a simple PDF with some detailed information would be really helpful. I do get sound on both, but as soon as I open other apps.things get messed up somehow, and it defaults to no sound.
Obviously a UR22 design flaw. I wish I had known that before I bought it.
Don´t get me wrong, Cubase is awesome, Dorico superb…but there´s obviously a “missed detail” there.
As I said, once you guys clear things up, if I were Steinberg I would definitely offer a bundle of the 3 products.
All the best.

There’s an option in Cubase to release the audio engine to other programs when not in focus.
Studio/ Studio setup/ VST Audio System, just under the ASIO driver window: Release driver when app is in background. Would that help?