Dorico and eLicenser start error

I tried to run Dorico after 2 summer months not using it.

When launching the program from Windows start menu I got a weird error window popping up. After that, launching Dorico again has no effect
Same problem with eLicenser

When trying to launch Dorico.exe (whaver exact name it is) same thing: nothing happens.

Must add that in between last use of Dorico 3.5 and today, my laptop got the latest major update of Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.19041 which may have broken something

No idea of what to do ?

Wouldn’t like the idea of downloading installing the whole Dorico 3.5.1 since Internet access is awfully slow here, and I need to transcribe a music piece ASAP.

try running maintenance on the elicenser (using the elicenser control center). After it does it’s thing, odds are Dorico will open just fine.

Just adding to Romanos, please run the eLicenser Control Center with Admin rights, that will do the job then. If you just run it with normal user rights it won’t suffice.

It worked, thanks.

Although I had to reboot my computer. Just running the eLicenser maintenance d8dn’t change the fact that clicking the program name in start menu or elsewhere lead to no-action. Already experienced that with other programs, so it’s likely a Windows problem.