Dorico and Genos Yamaha

I brought Dorico 5 element.
I have an issue about how to integrate Genos Yamaha
Could you please help me to set up it ?

The only kind of integration you can achieve between your Genos and Dorico is to use your Genos as a MIDI input device, and potentially to play back through the Genos if you want to. Setting the Genos up for input should be as simple as connecting the Genos to your computer via USB.

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Hi Gennaro! I think you have to download the Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver (WDM) you can find in the Yamaha site for your machine. Then your keyboard can be used both for input and output.

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Thank you
Sorry I forgot to say I have almost Cubase 12

Thank you Alberto
I forgot to say I have almost Cubase 12
I will do some check on this way