Dorico and HUB Cloud Sharing Option

Hello Dorico team,
I would like to share some ideas that came to my mind.
Would be really nice if Dorico and it’s Hub have Cloud sharing Feature
where we could share:

  1. Instrument presets created by us, your customers. Instruments that are not natively
    part of Dorico. For example: Bulgarian Kaval, Saz, Bodhran Drum, Daf, Bendir…
  • Of course we’ll need a rating feature to rate the presets. This will separate the good ones from the
    bad. And Information section about the preset.
  1. Orchestral, Band, Folk Band and Mixed (Orchestral + Folk Band, or Orchestral + Metal Band) Templates. Of course Playback Templates for various Virtual Instrument Libraries, too.
  • Zip format will be needed for sharing PT, because we should be able to include more files e.g.
    (PT file, Project file, VE Pro Server, or Instance file, Expression Maps and ReadMe.pdf or .doc file)
  • Again rating and information section about the instruments will be needed.
  1. Private sharing of Projects with people who are using Dorico and we are working together on a single project (VST Connect uses similar cloud technology with session passwords). Would be great if this Private Project Sharing works for teachers and music classes.
  • Here Steinberg could earn some money from extended cloud storage. Some space, of course, must be for free, at least between 512MB - 1GB. (For the free storage space a deletion script could be activated, to remove files that reach 1 month. Of course here some notification (e-mail) should be sent to both sender of the Project and the receiver in order to inform them that the file will be deleted). Different pricing policies could made here… for example: Economy - (Up to 3GB storage space), Professional - (Up to 5GB storage space), Premium…, Platinum (Up to 10GB storage space).
    The paid storage should allow uploading. saving and sharing of audio files mp3/wav, .pdf, images that Dorico exports and Affinity Publisher & Adobe In Design files. The free storage space could be limited to project, pdf and mp3 files.

N.B: Sharing of Instrument Presets, Templates and Playback Templates will save some working time for the team and will be helpful in creation of more Ordering Conventions. So, the sharing should always be for free.

I hope to see such Cloud feature realized in the near future! :slight_smile: I’m sure that many composers, arrangers, orchestrators, teachers and students will appreciate it. :slight_smile:
The composer wouldn’t leave Dorico and the project in order to send his/her composition to the orchestrator/arranger. The teacher would not leave Dorico in order to send the tasks to his/her students. Engravers will be able to share their files with the Publishers directly from Dorico, or it’s Hub.

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile: