Dorico and MOTU M4 Audio interface


I have a problem with MOTU M4 audio interface and Dorico:

There is no sound coming out. Also note performer is not loading instruments and Kontakt crashes when trying to load instruments. This then crashes Dorico as well… I have a vague memory that the Motu m4 might have worked before I downloaded their driver from their webpage…

When I switch to system audio, everything works fine. Also Motu m4 works fine with all other programs.

I hope that the diagnostics report that I have included could help solving the crash.

I don’t know if this is related, but I have installed a new version of Dorico (because of a new computer). I wanted to keep all my settings, so I copied one folder from the old installation. This has caused the autosave function to not work anymore, but perhaps there is something else as well that was broken because of this?
Dorico (571 KB)

I had a look at the diagnostics and from my perspective it looks fine, even if you use the M4. The port mapping is correct so Dorico passes it’s processed audio data to the M4 driver. I don’t know the M4, does it have some internal mixer controlled by some MOTU delivered app? Please check in there if the signal path is free.

And the diagnostics contain exactly 1 crash dump, and that crash is caused by the Izotope Iris VST3 plug-in. Please get in touch with directly and tell them, as there is nothing that we can do from Dorico-side about it.

That what you are describing as crashes, are they maybe just system hangs, where the app is still running but not responding? Please check in the Activity Monitor and look for the processes Dorico3 and VSTAudioEngine when you think a crash occurred.


And thank you for the fast response!

I managed to fix the problem by removing “MOTUCoreUAC.kext” -file from the LIBRARY/EXTENSIONS (if I remember correctly). This apparently uninstalled the additional MOTU -driver that I had downloaded from their web-page. Dorico was working fine before I installed it and works again now that I removed it, that is all I know :slight_smile:

About the crashes, I checked from the activity monitor that the VSTAudioEngine had indeed crashed before I created the Diagnostics report. I am suspecting that there is a problem with saving the diagnostics -files, that I caused myself by copying a folder from a different installation of Dorico to my new computer. This caused the autosave to stop working, perhaps it is somehow also preventing the crashes from registering properly…?

Well, keep an eye open and post new diagnostic reports if you run into issues again. There is only one place where we pick up the crash reports from and that is /Users//Library/Logs. You could have a look in there for more (recent) crash dumps.