Dorico and other computer

Hello! I am thinking of upgrading my hardware and buyin a stationary computer at my home and i want to use Dorico in that new computer. But i would still like to be ablte to continue using it on my laptop. Is it possible to use it on more than one computer?

My advice: USB dongle.

I use my laptop exclusively with a dock for peripherals (displays, printers, midi input) at home. This has worked well for me as I take my laptop to and from school and all my files are in one place. The other non-dongle option is to purchase elements (with limitations) for the laptop. I did that for a while without problems.

Also, it’s been announced that a new licensing system is coming soon, which will change the need for a dongle for a second machine.

All I recall is that it’s “soon,” but beyond that, I don’t know a specific timeline. Where software licensing with a big company is concerned, the wheels grind slowly, I imagine.