Dorico and professional music publishing

I am very proud and happy to announce that Casa Ricordi has released my reduced orchestrations of Verdi’s Falstaff and Macbeth .
Both projects have been completely made with Dorico for the first time, and its professional, elegant look has been very much appreciated.
Preparing score and parts of an operatic work is a very challenging task.
Especially in Falstaff, Dorico brilliantly solved lots of difficult problems (complicated condensing for strings divisi, polymeters, free cadenzas, ossias etc.)
I would like to thank the whole Dorico team and all the people here in the Forum for the support.
But a very special word of thanks is due to Daniel Spreadbury, without whose help all this wouldn’t have been possible.
Please forgive my bad english.
All the best to everyone and enjoy Dorico.
cover.pdf (121.1 KB)
pag 1.pdf (96.5 KB)


Very nice! Congratulations.


Congratulations on the publication of these scores, Stefano!

Congrats on the publication! I’m a fan of the title fonts. And I have no doubt the condensing feature helped more than caused frustration.

Bello, bello bello!!!

Outstanding! Thanks for sharing the news!

OPTIBodoni-Antiqua, if you’re wondering.

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Fantastic! Congratulations!

Thank you!