Dorico and The Grand 3 (Stand Alone)

Hello everyone,

My external MIDI sound module has just died and I am looking into a software replacement.

I did have my MIDI keyboard controller routed to Dorico through USB and my external sound module attached via MIDI cable so that I could play the ‘piano’ on the external module even when there was no sound selected to audition in Dorico.

Could anyone at Steinberg (or any other users) tell me whether I could achieve the same set up with The Grand 3 in ‘stand alone’ mode running along side Dorico?

Does Dorico capture all the midi events exclusively when it is in focus, therefore not allowing those events to get to The Grand?

I am running Dorico 2 (latest) on mac OS.

I appreciate any suggestions you may have.


Dave Prentice

I believe you should be able to do this by running The Grand in standalone mode. The Grand will receive the MIDI events, and so too will Dorico, so you can still input notes. At the moment in Dorico 2 you will find that you therefore hear the notes echoed both by The Grand and by whatever instrument you’re using in Dorico, but in future versions you will be able to disable MIDI thru in Dorico so that it receives the MIDI but doesn’t echo it back, allowing you to hear only The Grand during input, regardless of what instruments you’re writing for. Playback would, of course, still reflect the actual instruments written for.

Thanks Daniel.