Dorico and the Protection Device - not a good combination?!?

Unfortunately, I have massive problems with the eLicenser in connection with Dorico, possibly Halion/Dorico.
Even the start of Dorico takes an eternally long time, if it is successful at all. And if it is successful, it is garnished with various messages that the connection to the ProtectionDevice could not be established or has been lost.
When Dorico is finally started successfully and I want to work with it, it can happen that - preferably one second before I finally remember to press STRG+S again - the connection to the dongle is lost. Then Dorico freezes and I have to restart Windows.

In any case, it is not possible to work like this at all.

Of course, the eLicenser is freshly installed in the version I just downloaded, and all the clean-up and maintenance work has been done there.

Sometimes you get the message that Halion has lost the connection to the protection device, sometimes it says something about the audio-engine…

This must definitely be a problem with Dorico, because Cubase 11 works without these problems on the same computer.
Therefore I suspect that it is not related to the update to Windows 2002 (10.0.19042), but who knows?

Anyway, I would be happy if I could finally use my Dorico - I was just learning the ropes ;-(

Is there someone, who could help me?
Thanks! Hartmut

In the meantime, I can add some error messages that I was able to make with the snipping tool.

Unfortunately, I cannot send a crash dump because Dorico crashes before and disappears.
(Addition: is it possible that the REG file offered in the FAQ should be supplemented by an entry for Dorico 3.5?I only found the entry for Dorico, Dorico 2 and Dorico 3 there… - but the file for Dorico 3.5 is “Dorico 3.5.exe”).

The attached error messages came about as follows:
Windows completely restarted.
Halion Sonic 3 Stand Alone started - successful - closed again
Groove Agent 5 Stand Alone started - successful - closed again
Dorico 3.5 started - long wait.
Picture 01 - “Repeat” clicked - long wait.
dorico 01
Picture 02 - “Repeat” clicked - long wait.
Dorico 02
Recovery dialogue for crashed documents opens. Clicked on “Restore”.
Picture 03 - clicked “Restore”

then: state as in picture 04 - Dorico frozen, long wait.

Then picture 05 -
Dorico 05
After clicking on “OK” Dorico disappears completely (also from the task manager).
The last legacy is
Picture 06:
Dorico 06

It was not possible to save the restored document.!

Hartmut, can you check that you are running Dorico 3.5.11? In Dorico 3.5.10 there was a problem that affected Windows machines whereby the application would take a very long time to start, and that was fixed in the 3.5.11 hotfix. You can get that hotfix here.


I didnt know about this update, and I had no problems with slow starting. I am running Windows 64-bit, but maybe without the full Dorico synthesis package.

So I clicked on Downloads in the Hub and it took me here:

Hi Daniel,
it is yet Dorico 3.5.11 - it seems that the issue is sth. with the dongle / LCC or prabably with USB…
I’m in contact with Ulf Stoermer about this. If we find out, I’ll report back here…
…or do you have another idea?!?

How old is your USB elicenser? There are known problems with the older (longer) dongles on newer systems.

Yes, it’s an old (old!) dongle - if I remember correctly it’s still the 1st USB dongle (when was that again? 2008?). It’s so old that it only stays together with tape :wink:
Anyway, that’s one of the possible sources of error we’ve considered. We’ll definitely try that out next.

I am very happy to be able to present a successful solution.
I have now waited a few days to see if it is sustainable - it seems to be.

it was the dongle.
I got a new dongle, so there was an immediate change: Although the new dongle is also plugged into a passive hub, Dorico now starts in no time at all, no more crashes, everything is fine - see also the attached picture! For sentimental reasons, I have also included my very old dongle from the distant past :wink:

Certainly not unimportant:
My other Steinberg applications (Cubase 11…) also start much faster now, so it should be a general recommendation to switch to the new dongle. I’ll also write about this in the German Cubase forum.

Thank you @pianoleo for your suggestion and thank you @Ulf (from Steinberg Support - he helped me a lot with troubleshooting via TeamViewer!), I am really excited! :dizzy: :vulcan_salute:
Maybe the forum people can add the tag “dongle problem” to this discussion thread (I don’t know how to do that afterwards…).

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