Dorico and VEPro Port 2 and beyond

Trying again. This time I have VEPRO Port 2 MIDI 2 Working.

Now add 2nd keyboard. In this setup only the 2nd keyboard sounds. The 1st Keyboard is silent. I think I may not be up to speed on ROUTING.

So the output routing is a mystery to me, With 2 keyboards setup in Dorico, the mixer looks like the 1st pix 35/36 and 37/38 showing the instruments named in Dorico (no sound). The 2nd pix of mixer shows the actual output. Even though this shows output coming from 1/2 and 3/4, the only sound heard is from 3/4.

.2 keyboards mixer B
2 keyboards mixer

I’m afraid I don’t use VE Pro myself, so I’m not able to offer any specific help, but what you should find is that provided you have the instruments routed correctly in the track headers in Play mode, everything works as expected.

Hi Shubus, can you recreate the second scenario with channel 1/2, 3/4 and sound coming only from 3/4? The please choose Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Maybe from the contained data I can see something. Thanks

Sorry late in answering, but work intervened, alas which I cannot do in Dorico. Anyway, I got the scenario above to work. Had to delete and re-enter a few times but Both Port 1 and Port 2 from VEPRO were coming in loud & clear in this example. So next a trumpet was added, which will not sound.–the mixer doesn’t even move on the trumpet. Diagnostics for this setup attached.

Dorico (2.2 MB)

Thanks for the data, but from Dorico side everything looks normal. I suppose you need to check your VE Pro and Kontakt setup. What I find strange is that the first VE Pro instance (Keyboards) turns up with 37 MIDI input ports, whereas the second one (Brass) only has one MIDI input port. Maybe it is like this, that the MIDI information never reaches your instrument and therefore no sound comes out. Normally Kontakt has an on-screen keyboard at the bottom of the window where you can click with the mouse to generate note on commands. If you do that, does then sound come out?

Hi Ulf,
Appreciate your looking at the diagnostics. I get sound when playing on keyboard within VEPRO/Kontakt on all 3 instruments. All 3 instruments sound in Dorico as expected when PLAYED. All instruments in VEPRO work in Cubase and I have about 35 instances on VEPRO each with as many as 18 ports. Needless to say, I cannot access them in Dorico. The pix below shows all 3 instruments working as expected using Port 1 on the Trumpet.

Yet when I change the trumpet to Port 2–nothing…yet I get sound on the VEPRO/Kontakt keyboard. Keyboard 1 and Keyboard 2 do sound as expected. It is looking like my only option is to wipe my MacPro and reinstall everything from scratch as no one else is having these kind of problems except me.

Sorry, I can’t help here anymore either. But I doubt that reinstalling will make any difference. I’d rather start a new project from scratch. Not only the Dorico project but also VEPro. Good luck

Try checking the box in the endpoint setup: ‘number of audio outs to show in the mixer’ and set it to ‘1’… All your VEPro instruments/outputs should now come into Dorico’s mixer on one stereo channel and you should hear all ports from that instance of VEPro, providing the basic midi channels are set correctly. There is a limitation in Dorico of 16 stereo channels from one VEPro instance…Therefore, if you use port 2 with an additional 16 midi channels you will overlap the outputs and some of them won’t sound,…at least that is my guess at what is happening. If you want to split out your instruments/outputs from one instance of VEPro so that each one comes into Dorico on a separate stereo fader, then my advice is to use only port 1 in each instance.

This is what I’m doing too and it works very well. The only caveat is that I can’t find a way to rename the output in Dorico - so even though it’s a VEPro group coming in, Dorico still calls it by instrument name…

You cannot do anything about that…Dorico will always use the name associated with midi channel 1 for that channel.
As I mentioned above, if you want the real names associated with the 16 midi channels in VEPro to show in the Dorico mixer, then just use Port 1. Incidentally, if you want to use the ‘solo’ function in Dorico for any of your VEPro instruments, this is the only way to go. As you cannot currently set up ‘groups’ in the Dorico mixer, I use the grouping function of VEPro.

Good new to report! Yes, I went ahead and wiped out my SSD and did NOT use TImeMachine to bring any installations back into my MacPro system. This was a completely clean install where all Apps, and plugins were freshly installed. I am convinced that Apple’s Migration Assistant was at fault for bringing in multiple “home” directories" when I got a new computer. The fresh install also cleared up a 1.03 TB of free space! All my installation apps and sample libraries are in external SSDs so not as bad as it could have been. So now I can have Dorico utilize VEPRO on any VEPRO instance, any port and any MIDI channel. This is what I need to have happen and it works as I hoped. Looking forward to using much less Cubase now that I can write AND HEAR in score. Thanks to all of you kind folks for your insights and helpful suggestions.