Dorico and VEPro Port 2 and beyond

I have not been able to figure out how to get Dorico to work with VEPro on any port other than port one. Guess I am confused with what constitutes a “Port”. (and get even more confused with Kontakt’s Port “Letters” – only using “A”, of course). In VEPro, I can create an instance using Kontakt, then select what VEPro calls a “port” and VEPro then gives a dropdown list of “VE PRO Plugin MIDI in (port #).” I’m setup to select any of 32 of these MIDI ports. VEPRO then allow selection of MIDI Channel–from any of the 16. In VEPro I will often have 15 or 20 of these VEPro Ports in an instance used with up to 15 MIDI channels in each of these. All this works fine with VEPro and Cubase. Now I do have complete success in setting up VEPro and Dorico to use any instance in VEPro as long as it is port ONE but anything higher than port one, is giving me only Playback silence. My assumption (and it must be a wrong assumption) is that a given VEPro instance Port and MIDI channel would directly correspond to those in Dorico Port and Channel numbers for that instance. And YES, I did set the Endpoints in Dorico to allow for the extra ports. Any help in correcting my ignorance would be appreciated!

Use VEPro to connect to the server and port 1 and add VEPro Event Input instances to connect to other ports.

I have:
VEPro port 1 --> Winds
VEPro Event Input port 2 --> Brass
VEPro Event Input port 3 --> Percussion
VEPro Event Input port 4 --> Strings


I have been using ports 1-4 via one instance of VEPro, each with 10 channels. So at least with my setup it’s working correctly, if I understand your question right.

Hi Leigh,
Thanks for your help. I am unfamiliar with the VEPro Event Input as the VEPro manual says it useful only for AU / VST 2.0 and I’m mostly VST3.0.

Nevertheless, here is what I setup to test this:
In VEPro (port #, Midi Ch) each loading a Kontact Factory instrument
Violin (1,1)
Piano (2,1)
Brass (3,1)

In Dorico 3 VST Instruments were created:
02 VEPro
03 VEPro Event Input
04 VEPro Event Input
And then 3 players were created
02 Violin (1,1)
03 Keyboard (2,1)
04 Brass (3,3)

And as usual, only the violin sounds. Keyboard & Brass are dead. So clearly, I am not understanding what you are saying.

That’s what I’m trying to do, but how are you setup in Dorico to make this work?

Do you have, for example, 03 VEPro Event Input connecting to the server instance using port 2 for piano?

I have little experience with VST3’s.


Here are some screenshots, if that would help:



I think that maybe I had to make the “number of audio outputs to show in mixer” value higher, not quite sure…

Hope you manage to make it work!

Are you using the VST3 version of VE Pro? The VST2 version only supports one port.

Hi Paul,
My Mac directory Shows this:

Mac Directory
And the Dorico VST for VEPRO shows this
:Dorico VEPro

I am running VEPro Server.

In VEPro I can run many ports with up to 16 MIDI ports on each talking to Cubase without issue, so it would seem to be VST3. In Dorico I have tried using both of the “Vienna Ensemble Pro” entries with no change–port 2 and beyond are mute!

Hi sakasuri,
Thanks the images.
This seems to be what you are suggesting. Here you can see the Dorico & VEPro for this latest test. Sorry to say Ports 2 and 3 are still mute. I must still be misunderstanding something.

Try selecting that number of audio outputs to show in mixer and putting some large value. Thats the only difference I can find between our setups… But maybe Paul is right and you could try blacklisting the VST2 version?

With this new setup the issue is resolved and Paul Walmsley has indeed identified the issue… It’s the two instances showing in Dorico listing of VST’s both showing “Vienna Ensemble Pro”. Seems the 1st entry is for VST 3 and the 2nd is for VST 2 and indeed when choosing the 2st entry only port 1 works… With this new setup and selecting the 1st VST (VST 3) for VEPro All three instruments are sounding as they should.

My thanks to leigh_d, sakasuri and PaulWalmsley for helping me resolve this issue.

Becuase I use VST 3 I don’t need to use VEPro Event Inputs as it turns out, so experience with that.

Every few months I give the Dorico/VEPRO combination a try. Still cannot fathom what is wrong with my setup. Nothing past Port 1 in any VEPRO instance will talk to Dorico. Any ideas?

I don’t have a clue obviously, but it looked slightly odd to me that your Trumpet is outputting to OUT1/2 in VEPro while it’s showing at OUT33/34 in Dorico - after a range of empty slots.

I’m sure you already looked at the routing but nothing else jumps out…

I made this example as simple as possible as the 1st port in VEPRO works fine. Even re-installed Dorico but no joy. Next I will try a simplified version of VEPRO…let’s see what that does…Thanks for trying to help!

Hmm, I just tried a simple sax quintet with the Bari going to Port 2 Channel 1 and it worked fine.

I know that’s not terribly helpful, but it does seem to work for me anyway.

  • In this setup, do you see keyboard activity in VEPro on that trumpet patch? If yes, it would indicate VEPro is receiving but not transmitting back to Dorico. So - channel routing issue somewhere…

  • If you are not seeing keyboard activity in VEPro, can you generate sound directly if you play the Kontakt keyboard with your mouse? If there is sound, then the issue is with keyboard not transmitting on Port 2

Good luck!

I just tried a setup using Kontakt within VEP in case Kontakt was jamming things up. This seemed to work fine for me too.

Sorry, I don’t have any good suggestions of what to try here.

You need to make sure you are using the VST 3 version of VE Pro, and not the VST 2 version. Only VST 3 plug-ins can address multiple ports.

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