Dorico and VSL syncronized Special Edition not playing Portamento

I am struggeling to get VI SE to play portamento in Dorico.

I cannot find the portamento in dorico anywhere. I try as described in the dorico manual to insert a glissando and write portamento in the popup but this does not trigger the portamento sound in syncron player.

How do i get dorico to tell the syncronplayer to trigg a portamento to a note in syncronplayer.

It only playback a glissando (with a cromatic run) i just want the player to do a short slide up to the next noteLike a Portamento should sound like

What are i’m missing here?



Dorico unfortunately doesn’t have portamento mapped internally yet.
If you’re using a vsl instrument that has a key switch for portamento you can create a playing technique and map that to the playback technique of ‘Portamento up’, which is already defined in the expression map.

Then use that new playing technique in the score where you need it (and optionally hide it using the properties panel)

and don’t forget to disable playback for the notated portamento, otherwise the VSL portamento won’t work. If it still doesn’t work then set the “playback start offset” for the first note in the Properties to around -10.