Dorico App Time signature layout issue

Hi Everyone,
I’m transcribing a piece; I changed key signature earlier in the song, no problem. When I change back it’s taking the final note from the last phrase and including it in its own bar. I’m not sure if this is to do with cautionary bars, but it’s very frustrating as this didn’t happen earlier on in the score. I’ve included a picture. I tried a new flow but then I have to add a new time signature mid way through the piece. From a player perspective it’s going to be very annoying have the final note of a complex guitar lick at the top of the next page in its own bar. Any advice would be welcomed. Here’s the picture.

My guess is that there is insufficient room for Dorico to complete the bar with all the tuplets on a single system and include the key change, so it spills over.

It only spills over when I change the time signature 8n the next bar. I’ve now created a new flow and trying to find how to hide the time signature 8n the new flow.

I’ve found a work around. Start a new flow and then hide the time signature in the new flow. Very strange that on that one musical phrase it would shift the final note when a new key signature was added, but would not do that if the same key signature is used or a new flow created.

Yes, but Dorico would want to include a cautionary key signature on the previous system (for which there is insufficient room)

I’ve found a work around, but is it possible to remove the cautionary bar?