Dorico Audio Problems

So, Dorico has a tendency to “glitch out” in Audio for me. Basically, some sounds would not play, or play really choppy. I know this is a Dorico Problem, because if I use a different sound producing software, it plays normally.

OS version? Hardware?

Elwin, what is your buffer set at? What sound card are you using?

I have the same problems with my built-in sound card. No matter how high I set the buffer, it sometimes is choppy (and this behavior only happens with Dorico playback). I have to solve this by switching the ASIO4ALL or an external audio interface.

Windows 10
Buffer set at? Explain more in detail please.

Edit --> Preferences --> General --> Audio Device Setup --> Device Control Panel. Set your buffer as high as it will go. Definitely sounds like a buffering issue.