Dorico, BBC So Discover and percussion

Hello! I loaded for my project a playback template from BBC So Discover. Everything is wonderful except for percussion set. For example the woodblock part plays snare and motst others play bassdrum. How can i change or route it so, that the woodblock part triggers the sample of woodblock in BBC So etc.

There’s probably some problem with the percussion map. Are you sure it’s set properly ? You can check that out pressing the cog icon, in the BBCSO Discover area, right panel in Write mode. The channel that should have percussion should have a percussion map along, not an expression map.

Hey darkneutron! Having the same problem, it’s driving me nuts. Did you solve it?

I just opened a new project, added some wood-block, snare and bass drum, and applied the BBCSO discover playback template… It looks as though there’s no woodblock included! Actually, there’s a low woodblock playing on D5, which is not routed automatically with the playback template. If I route all the woodblocks to BBCSO Discover, they all play the bass drum. If I modify the percussion map for the D5 line (I choose the instrument as it appears in my score, Bloc chinois (bas), then it does work for the low Wood-block — other wood-blocks are played by the bass drum.
The Core version offers three different woodblocks, and I notice that the playback template would not route them either… They’re E, F G3. They’re mapped in the BBSO unpitched percussion as low, mid and high woodblocks. Again, I have to tweak the instruments names in the percussion map to make it work, and woodblocks 2 and 4 sound as a bass drum, as they do not exist in the library.
I hope this will help you solve your problems, or at least shed some light on those problems. Let me know if you need help!

Hey Marc! Thanks so much
for the feedback. The thing is that I can’t seem to find a way to edit the note name related to the instrument in the percussion map dialog. For instance, I’ve been trying for hours for a triangle to play with no success. Can’t change it from C3 (which is mapped in the BBC SO Discover template I downloaded at Steinberg) to E4 (where the triangle sample is actually located in the library keyboard). I even tried the other way around (trying to add a triangle at the E4 note in the percussion map) with no success also. What might me happening? Below, a couple of screenshots

¡Hola Pedro!
I find it strange that your percussion map puts C3… I have E4 for triangle. Maybe you have an old (bad) version of the Discover template? Here’s what I’ve got :

The triangle does play once I make sure everything is routed ok… These playback templates do require some human verification, it seems…

Wow, that’s really weird. This is where I downloaded from:

Would be ok if you shared your template with me? Is it possible?

Here’s the percussion map. Unzip it. You install it by opening the Percussion map editor in play mode, and using the “import library” button near the bottom of that window.
BBCSO Discover Unpitched (1.8 KB)

Marc, that worked LIKE A CHARM. Can’t thank you enough. God Bless!

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