Dorico becomes very slow after a while...

After working for 1 hour or so, Dorico becomes extremely slow to the point that it seems to do nothing at all anymore. No reaction on a mouse click, then, after 15 seconds or so all the things I tried to do (for example pasting text) are coming all at once. This really interupts my way of working fast.

just wondering, but is it normal that every note entered with a midi keyboard takes 2 seconds before it appears in the score? After having played in a normal tempo a full phrase, I need to wait about 20 seconds before they all have appeared and I can check if I need to make any corrections before I can continue. This is really slowing down my work pace… Here is how it looks like while entering notes:

Have you turned attachment lines off (View menu) ? It seems like a real time saver for the time being…

Yes, I turned that off a long time ago, I didn’t notice any difference.

Ok, sorry to read that. I hope someone from Steinberg will provide you with a good advice. For me it still works ok…

It’s also the rest of Dorico, everything feels very heavy and slow. Dragging the score, selecting a note with the mouse…

You mentioned “after an hour”. Does restarting Dorico solve the problem? An obvious question, perhaps, but that might indicate whether it is a “Dorico” or a “score file” problem. If the problems recur as soon as you restart I’d guess it’s something to do with the specific file. If not, then the engineering teem might need to investigate more deeply.

I checked it just now and it actually is very slow (as shown in the video I uploaded in this post) from the start. I guess I only noticed it after an hour how frustrating it is. I really hope this can be solved. Maybe there is a setting I don’t know about?

If you are experiencing very slow operation, can you please zip up and attach the project you’re working on here so we can take a look at it?

I did some experimenting and discovered that the problem is the size of the score. My current score has 5 flows and is extremely slow. When exporting a single flow and opening, Dorico is normal fast. A score with 2 flows, still no problem. But starting from a score with 3 flows Dorico is much slower. I am afraid I will not even get to a score with 10 flows which will be the total size of the score (10 scenes). The program will be so slow that’s it’s impossible to work with.

Daniel, because it’s a work I am still writing, can I send it to you personally instead? Thanks.

Sure, my email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Thanks, I have sent you the file.

I have to leave Dorico for a while and continue my large score in The Other Program because Dorico has become so slow, it’s impossible for me to do any work right now. I really hope there is a solution for this, Daniel. I have sent you that score, maybe you can shed some light on this situation.

Don’t feel bad. I had the same thing happen to me–I puzzled over it a while and couldn’t uncover the cause, though, in my case, I suspect that there was something in the imported XML. My co-writer hasn’t caught the Dorico wave yet. :smiley: Hopefully, Daniel and the team will figure out what’s happening in larger Orchestral pieces and why entry/editing seems to get gummed up. I’m sure they’ll get whatever is going awry fixed in an update.

(Most of my arrangements for piano or string orchestra don’t seem to have the problem. It’s full orchestration with 10 or more staves is where I’m seeing the issues.)

Quite often we discover there is a specific thing in a score that we haven’t come across before which triggers some suboptimal code paths. If you find you have a specific score where performance is worse than others of a similar size then please do sent it to us and we can optimise for it.

That would be great, I have sent the score to Daniel yesterday.

We (my co-writers and myself) send you what we can, Paul, but bear in mind that we can’t always pick up a proprietary work that involves other composers or clients and ship it off to you.

We appreciate that there are constraints on what you can send us, but the better the data the more able we are to fix the problem. Maybe someone needs to write a score anonymiser script in Lua that keeps all the rhythms but randomly rewrites the pitches :slight_smile:

That would be very useful. I have been anxiously awaiting a full plugin interface, documentation for Dorico atoms, etc. I think that Bob Zawalich is one of Brand X’s secret weapons. :wink: The most I have heard on this front is, “We hope to get back to it…” :stuck_out_tongue: