Dorico cannot start the audio engine

I am trying to use the BBCSO Pro and after opening the orchestral template provided by Steinberg Dorico froze. I had to force quit. Now I cannot start it. Upon starting it I see the Wait for Audio Engine that goes from 0 to 20 seconds, and then asks me to terminate because it is taking “longer than expected”. I already deleted the Dorico Audio Engine folder from the ~Library/Preferences folder but this made no difference. Thank you for sharing any possible solutions.

I see you’re on a Mac. Can you launch Activity Monitor, and see if the VST Audio Engine process is running?

Also, I presume you’ve done a restart?

Thank you! A second restart did the trick before I saw your comment. Interestingly, restarting has not consistently fixed the problem in the past. This has happened repeatedly since I downloaded the BBCSO template a week ago, so I am sure it will happen again. When it does, I will check the Activity Monitor and get an answer. Thanks again for the prompt response.

If it happens again, go to Dorico’s Help menu (once you’re running), and create a Diagnostic Report. Then upload it here.

That will provide the Dorico team with sufficient information to work out what is causing the problem.

A Playback Template shouldn’t stop the Audio Engine from launching, I don’t think, as it’s not loading any instruments at this stage.