Dorico can't find Auto Save folders error message

Hi all,
I just migrated my system to a new computer and have been getting a recurring error message.
(Dorico Error.png - Google Drive)

I used PC Mover Pro to move all my apps and data to the new rig and I suspect that this might be the the cause of the issue. I have re-registered etc. at My Steinberg.
I have also tried a re-install and the same error message occurs.
I looked for a way to re-point Dorico at the auto save folders but couldn’t find where to do this.
Any help would be appreciated.

I am using the latest version of Dorico and the PC is a Ryzen 5950 based machine with plenty of RAM and storage.
Cheers, Tom

Welcome to the forum, Tom.

The AutoSave location is determined the first time you run Dorico, and that location is then stored in a preferences file (see below). When you copy this file to a new computer or operating system, problems can arise if your user account has a different name, because the location is stored in the preferences file explicitly.

I’ll just quote myself from another time that this one came up:

Thanks Leo,
For the welcome as well! I am not a new member though something changed with the new format I think, but that is inconsequential.
I will try what you suggested and report back on my success! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Tom

It appears to have done the trick! I edited the preferences file.
Many thanks Leo.
Cheers, Tom


Thanks a lot Leo for this solution, it worked perfectly for me to edit the Preferences.xml file.

Best regards,


I see the reason for removing the Autosave path from Preferences… except that I want to put these autosaved files on my D: drive (hard disk) instead of C: drive (Solid-state drive). I’m glad you wrote up the method, but it would be nice to specify the drive, maybe with a big warning. Fortunately I’m comfortable editing XML, but for many musicians this is a bit scary.