Dorico can't find orchestra library

I’ve just reinstalled windows 10 and Dorico 2 on a new hard drive. I logged on as an admin user and downloaded the HSSE and HSO using the Steinberg Download Assistant. When I log on as a normal (non admin) user Dorico can find HSSE no problem but I get the attached error message regarding HSO.
If I run Dorico as Administrator everything works fine.

oops! I meant to continue……
I tried reinstalling HSO, ensuring that the check box to allow all users to use the software was ticked, but it made no difference.
I’ve attached a view of the Halion Library manager which shows where the various components are installed. Can anybody help?
Thanks a lot.
error message.PNG

This one’s beyond me, I’m afraid. You could try contacting technical support via MySteinberg to see if they can help.

Could you please stop Dorico, delete the folder /Users//AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/VSTAudioEngin2_64 and then start as a normal user again.
That folder will get recreated automatically again and filled with files. Also a new scanning for all HALion contents will take place. That will take a little while, so please be patient.
Still same problem then?

Thanks for your help Ulf. This did not actually solve the problem but it put me on the right track. I tried your suggestion several times but it didn’t work. It then occurred to me to try copying the folder directly from the Admin user account into the normal user account and this solved the problem.

I’ve attached a screen capture of both versions. ( The good one is on the left.) I noticed that the working version is a little larger than the broken one.

I really like Dorico 2 btw.

If that works for you, then that’s fine. Let us know should you encounter something unusual in the future.

More problems along this line I’m afraid and I wonder if anyone can help. Dorico 2.1 went back to it’s old ways and 2.2 is even worse. It cannot loud a sound from HSO unless it runs in Admin mode, although once the sound is initially loaded, (ie the instrument is created) it will load again when reopened in normal mode. It just can’t find HSO to load new sounds in normal mode.

Since installing 2.2 I get the attached error message in admin mode. I tried deleting the VSTAudioEngine2_64 file but it did not work. Should I remove Dorico, Halion and HSO completely from my computer and start installing it again or have you any other suggestions?

Also, will unstalling Dorico remove all of the components that could be causing the problem, or should I do anything else.

Congratulations on 2.2 by the way. It is really excellent.

The first thing I’d try is downloading and installing the ‘Dorico Playback 2.2 – HALion Sonic SE’ component in Steinberg Download Assistant, since your screenshot shows that you’re still using HSSE2, which was the version supplied with Dorico 1.

I tried this and I’m afraid it didnt’ work. I also reinstalled HSO. It now works perfectly in Admin mode but I still get the same problem in normal user mode. I’ve attached a screen shot and you can see that Halion cannot find HSO or any HSO sounds. I created a new file, added a Flute and although it attempted to load the HSO flute sound into channel 1 it obviously could not find it.

This sounds as if this is permissions related. Are you installing as administrator but using the program as a non-admin user?

Yes. I would normally do this. For security reasons I wouldn’t normally run a computer in admin mode unless I had good reason to do so, ie installing software. Most programs, including presumably Dorico, are designed to work this way.

I guess your initial downloads and/or install as administrator has tagged something as “access by administrator only”.

Unfortunately, without knowing what has been tagged that way, it’s hard get rid of it.

You might try deleting everything you can find while logged in as administrator, then restart the PC, log in as a normal user, and download and install everything again.

You don’t need to be logged in as admin to install Dorico and its associated components. If you get the Windows User Access Control dialogue “do you want to allow this program to update your PC” then answer yes, of course.

Also, during the installation there is the option to install just for you or for all users on that machine. Make sure you install for all.

This seems to have been fixed. I uninstalled and then reinstalled all of the Halion components and ensured that the option above was ticked. Thanks a lot for your help.