Dorico changes played note ends when moving played note starts

I am editing a MIDI part in the editor - first I select multiple notes on a single staff (here’s my before image):

… but then when I drag the start of any note in this selection to offset the start of played duration, Dorico moves the end of every single note and enlarges its total duration (here’s my after image):

But these note ends are part of my expression map and they are precisely set.
Any ideas what’s going on here? Thanks!

I found the same thing too.

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I can confirm this behaviour, and it’s a little bug. Thanks for confirming it: I’ll make sure it gets fixed for the next update.

@dspreadbury thank you as always for coming back to these.
It turns out that this previously reported behavior with selections also happens when instead of manually dragging notes I use “Playback Start Offset” in the bottom panel to input fixed values.
And since posting it I discovered that the same thing happens to single notes when I try to lengthen played duration in any direction, either dragging them before or after the beat - here’s one example of before:

and here’s the after (the note gets lengthened):

You probably saw that too, but just in case.

Also, my apologies for these posts being illegible, I can’t seem to be able to format paragraphs in Discourse anymore…

When you manually set the Playback start offset property, this will happen, I’m afraid. When you set that property, the note ends up with a playback override, and when notes have a playback override, any automatic adjustment for articulations or other playing techniques won’t take effect. The case of editing notes in the piano roll is a special one, because we can edit both the Playback start offset and Playback end offset properties simultaneously. It’s not currently possible for us to edit two properties at once when you edit a single property via the Properties panel (and I’m not sure it would be a good idea in any case).

OK, so I then will go back to dragging the entire selection in the piano roll in order to fake a Cubase style “track delay” while also preserving the note durations as they are set in the Expression Maps.
As for dragging note starts/ends from my original post, it’s great to know it will be solved in the next update. Thanks again!

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